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Sixth-grader Tnadja Williams reads her poem “Grandmother” from Eileen Hickerson’s and Nicholas Sakola’s class anthology, “Put Your Attitude into Space,” at the Cat in the Cream. The event featured Langston Middle School students reading poems written in classes led by Writers-in-the-Schools Director Lynn Powell and
College students in the Teaching Imaginative Writing workshop.

WITS Poetry Residencies Expand

December 4, 2015

Seventh-grader Leo Carter read his poem “Sequoia Trees” at the Langston Middle School poetry reading and book launch at the Cat in the Cream Monday. “So tall, it looks like they could / shishkabob the sky. So wide, / the shadow is like an eclipse / over the ground,” Carter read. His poem, part of Barbara Stadler’s class anthology, “As Deep as a Submarine Can Go,” was created in one of several 10-day residencies in sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes led by Director of Oberlin’s...

Creative Writing Students Mentor Young Poets

Liam McLean, Staff Writer

December 5, 2014

“I was told to write a love poem. I have a try and hope you like it,” seventh-grader Emma Comings read into the microphone on the Cat in the Cream stage, beginning her unassuming but gorgeously lyrical love poem “Sorry, I Tried.” Comings was one of 100 sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students from Langston Middle School who collaborated with Oberlin students in Creative Writing 450: Teaching Imaginative Writing, where they explored, wrote and published poetry. She was one of the 48 students who shared their poems in the packed Cat in the Cream this past Monday as part of the Langston Middle School Poetry Celebration. “I was so scared that people were going to judge me for my poem, because it wasn’t...

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