The Oberlin Review

We Need To Fix Course Registration — Here’s How

David Mathisson, Contributing Writer

April 12, 2019

 Course registration is obviously not the highlight of anybody’s college experience — and it’s especially bad at Oberlin. Course selection starts with a mess of overloaded but mandatory courses thanks to a large number of highly specific requirements. Faculty replace prerequisites with consent barriers so that qualified students are held at the mercy of overworked professors’ ability to respond to emails.  Then, when students are unable to get into the courses they want because of consent barriers, they are forced to enroll in courses they aren’t actually going to take. That forces students with later registration times to enroll in classes they don’t plan to take, ultimately occupying spots in classes...

Textbook Prices Reduce Course Accessibility

Sami Mericle, Opinions Editor

November 4, 2016

When I decided not to buy the 9th edition of Quantitative Chemical Analysis this semester, I saved money but bought myself more hassle. Unwilling to buy the book used from Amazon for $146 or rent it from the bookstore for around $90, I purchased the 8th edition, hoping it would be similar enough to use. I was wrong. Students are familiar with this trick: Publishers make minor changes to a textbook from edition to edition, leaving the content mostly unchanged but reordering chapters and problems. When a professor assigns readings by page range or problems by number, the former edition is useless, forcing students to buy the most recent version for prices that often exceed $200. This poses a serious accessibility iss...

Administration, Senate Try to Ease Textbook Costs

Administration, Senate Try to Ease Textbook Costs

February 13, 2015

President Krislov doubled the emergency textbook fund after student senators appealed to Krislov about the burden that high textbook prices inflict on low-income students. According to Krislov, the fund is meant to supplement students’ overall financial aid package. “There may be individuals who have even more needs because of either the subjects they take or because certain things happen, medical problems or something like that. That’s why these emergency funds are so valuable and important,”...

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