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Kim’s Grocery & Carry-out has stayed open during the COVID pandemic.

Struggling Downtown Businesses Receive Financial Assistance, Support

May 9, 2020

Since Ohio announced its stay-at-home order on March 22, most of Oberlin’s small businesses have lost their steady sources of revenue. Many are currently unable to pay rent or compensate their employees. In an effort to temporarily cover expenses, some businesses have taken advantage of a new loan program instituted by the City of Oberlin, while others are looking to the federal Paycheck Protection Program. “Our business dropped almost 90 percent. We used to get a hundred tables, almost 120...

You Can Get THAT at The Local?

You Can Get THAT at The Local?

October 6, 2019

Jessa New

OTC: Jessa Klotz New, OC ’01, Slow Train and The Local Co-Founder

October 4, 2019

Jessa Klotz New, OC ’01, co-founded Slow Train in 2010 and The Local in 2012 with her husband, Oberlin’s Head Men’s Soccer Coach Blake New, and Zach Tesler, OC ’06. Born in Rochester, New York, she received a graduate degree from Ashland University certifying her to teach third grade. A few years later, she decided to make a life and career change. She moved back to Oberlin to settle down with her family and tackle a new challenge. She is now a mother of two daughters and is passionate ab...

Slow Train Team to Open New Coffee Shop

Stephanie Atwood

November 2, 2012

Even though it is a stormy Monday morning, the Slow Train Cafe is bustling. With a lengthy line to order coffee and all but one small corner table occupied, the café is approaching maximum capacity. This increasing demand for space has driven the managers of Slow Train to open a new café underneath Swerve Bike Shop on Main Street. Scheduled to open early next week under the same management, The Local will cater to those seriously interested in coffee as a drink and not just as a social space. “Somebody was going to be smart enough to open up another shop,” said Blake New, co-manager of the Slow Train Cafe. “So we figured, why [shouldn’t it] be us?” According to co-manager Zach Tesler, OC ’06, the...

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