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Eagles Stun the League, Take Down the Patriots

Jason Hewitt, Columnist

February 9, 2018

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’d probably agree with me on this statement: It’s about time. All those years of suffering without a Super Bowl ring have finally resulted in triumph. Allow me to give you some perspective. The Philadelphia Eagles have existed since 1933, long before the Super Bowl began. The Eagles’ last championship run occurred in 1960. That’s right — it has been 58 years since they’ve been crowned as champions. There will be no more “ringless” jokes for Eagles fans to hear, now that they have a Lombardi trophy. Feb. 4, 2018 is a day that Eagles fans all over the world will remember for the rest of their lives. How did they do it? How did they overcome all the odds and defeat...

Patriots Get Their Way Again

Randy Ollie, Sports Editor

September 4, 2015

With less than a week left before the NFL season begins, the New England Patriots can finally sleep easy knowing their future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady has been of­ficially reinstated. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman nullified the quar­terback’s four-game sus­pension Thursday for the Deflategate controversy, which was met with a col­lective groan of frustration from the NFL community. While I, along with many other NFL fans, have become accustomed to the fact that every Patri­ots season is imbued with some kind of controversy, part of me wonders when, if at all, the league will fi­nally take definitive action to ensure that rule break­ers face the consequences they deserve. Putting aside...


Nate Levinson, Sports Editor

April 18, 2014

The quarterback position is the most important in all of sports. A great quarterback has the ability to take an otherwise mediocre team and transform it into something great, a feat not so easily managed by any other position, regardless of the sport. But getting a great quarterback isn’t easy, and getting one of the elite ones almost always requires drafting them early in the first round. There are players like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Drew Brees who have overcome the odds to become great quarterbacks after falling out of the first round, but this is hardly the norm. The 2014 NFL draft pro vides a supremely interesting case study, since the draft boasts five elite prospects, none of whom are quarter backs....

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