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2017 Candidates and Issues: Local Issues

Carl McDaniel, Linda Slocum, and Tony Mealy

October 27, 2017

To the Editors: The letter from Steve Hammond and John Elder on Sept. 22, 2017 in The Oberlin Review, “Voters Can Correct City Council’s Mistakes,” provides solid reasons for voting “Yes” on City Issue 16 and “No” on City Issue 17. Critical to their recommendations are two letters from city law director, Jon Clark, who responded to questions from the City’s Public Utilities Commission. In response to a request for a legal review of a proposed recommendation to City Council from PUC on the disposition of net Renewable Energy Credits revenues, Clark’s letter from April 13, 2015 stated, “Based on the authority of the decision in Union Ice, I conclude that the City has no legal obligation to electr...

Parking Lot Necessary Near Magpie Space

Tony Mealy, Oberlin resident

November 20, 2015

To the Editors: The Review’s Nov. 13 article “Concerns over Parking Grow as Magpie Closes” fails to mention that the former RAX Restaurant had seating for 60 customers with a parking lot for 63 cars and a bus stop out front. Compare this with Magpie’s seating for 75 customers, Infinite Monkey Comics & Games’ 12 seats and Cowhaus seating for 30, for a total of over 117 seats with only six on-street public parking spaces in the same footprint or entire area of property previously owned by RAX. This situation becomes acute when you consider Slow Train seats 70 customers, Kim’s Grocery & Carry Out seats 14, and then add Tree Hugger’s Cafe, the Ohio Educational Credit Union, Alumni Offices, Bar...

RECs Best Used by Returning to Utility Customers

Tony Mealy, Oberlin resident, member of PUC

October 30, 2015

To the Editor: Oberlin Renewable Energy Credits should be distributed wisely. Based on the REC revenue update provided by the [Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System] Director this past week, there will be approximately $2.5 million in proceeds to the electric utility by the end of 2016. There will also be over $310,000 in the underutilized Sustainable Reserve Fund, which will continue to add $20,000 each year from Oberlin College. Based on these figures and the recommendation of the OMLPS director, the Public Utility Commission chairman and this member, 85 percent or $2.125 million should be returned to the electric utility customers. Of this amount, $530,000 or 25 percent would be returned to Oberlin College, the la...

Gateway Hotel Project a Fire Hazard

Tony Mealy, Oberlin citizen

October 9, 2015

To the Editors: After attending a recent special meeting called to discuss the Gateway Hotel project, it became very clear that Oberlin College and the city Planning Commission appear to be totally indifferent in regard to local safety or the high fire insurance rates that the city and homeowners pay in this community. The new facility is over four stories high and plans to have a jazz club bar in the basement storage area with no direct ingress/egress to a narrow sidewalk on East College Street. Most fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke inhalation of vapors and toxic gases which are lethal. Having built to the right-of-way, the developer eliminated parking on the south side of the building. In...

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