The Oberlin Review

Embracing Rejection Fundamental to Healing Campus Culture

Katie Lucey, Contributing Writer

March 8, 2019

I recently listened to a podcast about a man who, upon determining that his personal and professional ambitions had stagnated, decided to seek out rejection for 100 consecutive days. During the experiment, Mr. Jia Jiang sought out rejection with foolproof ideas: he asked for a “burger refill” at a restaurant, offered to plant a flower in someone else’s yard, and requested $100 from a stranger. As is perhaps to be expected, Jiang received a lot of “no”s to his requests. However — amazingly — Jiang was met with a “yes” 51 out of the 100 days. Embracing rejection led Jiang to take more measured risks and finally achieve his goals of becoming an author and entrepreneur. The culture Obies inhabit is obsessed...

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