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Hanne Williams-Baron at the Cleveland Museum of Art with Connect Cleveland.

Connect Cleveland Expands Programming

March 8, 2019

Oberlin students visited Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood last weekend to engage with the city through a free bus trip provided by the College. This trip was an expansion of the new Connect Cleveland initiative, founded in fall 2018 as part of Oberlin’s first-year orientation. “We created Connect Cleveland in response to the desire among current and prospective students to have internships, work opportunities, and recreational possibilities in a more urban environment,” President...

Student Transportation Services Must Be Reenvisioned

Elijah Aladin, Contributing Writer

November 9, 2018

While the College explores ways to consolidate and improve transportation options between Oberlin and Cleveland, it is important to understand the role that we, the students, play in our current transportation options. Currently, we spend just shy of $50,000 each year from the Student Activity Fund on transportation services. These funds support the shuttles to and from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as well as the weekend shopping shuttle. The funds are allocated to a student organization called OPASS, which is managed by the Student Transportation Coordinator. The Student Transportation Coordinator works with the Office of Environmental Sustainability to negotiate the terms of the aforementioned shuttle...

College to Introduce Shuttle Service

Lila Michaels

September 15, 2017

The Division of Student Life in the Dean of Students Office will offer a new shuttle service to various locations on and off campus this fall in an effort to create a more accessible campus and enhance the student experience. The service will launch Monday, Oct. 2, and will run from 8 a.m. to noon on weekdays. The shuttle will make several stops around campus, including the Student Health Center and the Counseling Center, as well as off-campus stops like CVS, Drug Mart, and neighboring cities. Students will be able to download an app to their smartphone, granting them the ability to track the shuttle with GPS. The app will also allow administrators to observe the data produced by it, such as popular stops and ride ti...

Parking Lot Necessary Near Magpie Space

Tony Mealy, Oberlin resident

November 20, 2015

To the Editors: The Review’s Nov. 13 article “Concerns over Parking Grow as Magpie Closes” fails to mention that the former RAX Restaurant had seating for 60 customers with a parking lot for 63 cars and a bus stop out front. Compare this with Magpie’s seating for 75 customers, Infinite Monkey Comics & Games’ 12 seats and Cowhaus seating for 30, for a total of over 117 seats with only six on-street public parking spaces in the same footprint or entire area of property previously owned by RAX. This situation becomes acute when you consider Slow Train seats 70 customers, Kim’s Grocery & Carry Out seats 14, and then add Tree Hugger’s Cafe, the Ohio Educational Credit Union, Alumni Offices, Bar...

Cowhaus Creamery employee Eddy Marflak stares out the window of the empty store. According to the owner, Cowhaus has experienced a decrease in revenue after losing parking spaces during the Gateway Project construction and may have to shut its doors.

Cowhaus Creamery Threatens Closure

February 20, 2015

Due to a significant decrease in revenue, Cowhaus Creamery has been forced to consider closing its store. The owners point to the lack of parking caused by the nearby construction of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center at the corner of College Street and Main Street as a major reason for this drop in profit. Josef Bomback, OC ’76 and the coowner of Cowhaus, said the store has experienced a 30 percent decrease in revenue compared to the previous three years they have been in business. He said this...

Public Transportation Activists Reorganize

December 5, 2014

The Sustainable Transportation Coalition, a joint city-College effort to improve public transportation in Oberlin and Lorain County, established a new branch last month. The Sustainable Transportation Action Team is a group of nine students who takes ideas generated by the STC and researches their feasibility by examining the history of transportation in Oberlin and Lorain County. The STC grew out of several separate groups that were meeting to work on public transportation, including the Student Sen- ate’s public transit working group. The coalition began to meet at the beginning of this semester and includes Oberlin students, Kendal at Oberlin residents and members of the Oberlin City Council, Oberlin...

Student Senate December Update

Machmud Makhmudov, Student Senator

December 5, 2014

Last month, Student Senate engaged in a variety of unique projects in addition to its regular duties. On Nov. 19, Senate hosted a forum discussion to explore the issue of student hunger during term breaks. Given that many students do not have the resources to return home during fall, winter or spring break, a sizable portion instead stays on campus. Dining halls are not open during these periods, which can make it difficult to feed oneself. Furthermore, not all co-ops are fully functional during this time period either. Students and community members came together during the forum to discuss possible ways to make food accessible to all students who remain on campus during breaks. A few students mentioned the possibility...

Senate Working Groups Continue Improvements

Machmud Makhmudov

November 7, 2014

Student Senate has seen a busy semester thus far, electing 15 senators and pursuing a variety of diverse projects. With only two of these 15 new senators having previously served on Senate, the group collectively provides a fresh perspective on improving the student experience at Oberlin. We are dedicated to maintaining a higher level of visibility on campus this semester and into the future, particularly through our working groups. The majority of Student Senate’s work occurs through General Faculty committees and working groups. Students, faculty and community members are all eligible to join our working groups. If you’d like to join a working group, please see the Student Senate website for a listing of meeting...

Obies Must Support Public Transit

Jillian Hostetler, College sophomore

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: It’s no secret that the millennial generation is recognized as an agent of change. Millennials are already hailed as people who will take the ideas of past generations and make them a reality. As Oberlin students, this is something many of us realize. In a lot of ways, we have already taken action to benefit the world around us. We are known as a place where people have strong opinions that they stand up and fight for. We know what we want the world around us to look like, so we aim to change whatever holds us back, whether that is a social norm or a public policy. Earlier this year, Governor of Ohio John Kasich approved a $3 billion transportation plan, with most of the money going towards...

Levy Will Jump- start Lorain Public Transit System

Oberlin Democrats

May 3, 2013

Let’s pop this Oberlin bubble! Get out and vote for the local Public Transportation levy this May 7. Income from this levy will jumpstart reinstatement of the public transportation system that Lorain County lost following the 2008 recession.The need for reinstating the public transportation system remains clear today, five years after the program was cut. This is why we have decided to formally endorse Issue 1, the Lorain County Transit Levy. When the previous public transportation system was cut in 2008, many people could not find transportation to and from work, school and other life necessities. In spite of that, Lorain County’s budgetary losses left only $300,000 for Lorain County Transit, and today there a...

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