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Students gather in small groups during a meeting last Saturday to plan a response to the rise in tuition. The groups drafted a series of demands that they feel would make the school more financially accessible.

Students Protest 4 Percent Tuition Hike

April 24, 2015

On Saturday afternoon, College senior Zachery Crowell shouted out to a Wilder Bowl full of sunbathing students to encourage them to participate in a meeting to organize students against the College’s planned four percent increase next year in total cost of attendance. Within the first five minutes, Crowell had five students. Ten minutes later the meeting had thirty. “We are one of the most expensive academic institutions in the entire world and because of this we have much less racial and...

Oberlin Tuition Hike an Injustice

Zachery Crowell, SLAC Co-Chair

April 10, 2015

To the Editor: Beginning next year, the cost to attend Oberlin will be a staggering $64,224. This price is $2,436 more than the current $61,788 to attend. This price hike translates into a four percent increase over one year, which is well over twice the current rate of inflation. What can the justification be for raising prices? We are already one of the most expensive institutions in the United States. More precisely, this year we ranked 7th in tuition and 15th in total cost of attendance. Our financial situation has only improved since 2009. In fact, our endowment is currently up at $808 million or $280,000 per student, while we complete a second multi-million dollar construction project in just under two years....

Student Senate interviews a prospective Steering Committee candidate, College first-year Joshua Koller. This week, the student body and Senate elected and appointed six new student members to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

Six Students Added to Steering Committee

February 27, 2015

The student body elected College junior Sophie Umazi Mvurya, College first-year Nina Pulley and College second-year Jasmine Anderson to the Steering Committee last week. In addition, Student Senate selected College junior Avalon McKee, College second-year Sarah Minion, and double-degree second-year Hayden Arp for the committee on Sunday, bringing the total number of students on the panel to nine — the highest ever. The Steering Committee is a group of administrators, faculty, trustees and students...

College Finance

College Finance

December 5, 2014

Just Ask Us: Favored Fir Finds Fresh Frontier in Front of Oberlin Inn

Mike Plotz and Jolie De Feis

October 10, 2014

We are here to introduce our biweekly column in the Review! Rose Stoloff, Editor-in-Chief and part-time dog owner, is so excited about this project that she is willing to advocate on our behalf — just ask her! We even have an official email so that you can send us compliments and Gchat us during your classes. Our reporting style is unique and follows the philosophy that facts plus fiction equals truth. Don’t believe us? Just ask New York Times staff writer Paul Krugman, who has called us “remarkably original and fun.” For our first installment, we are here to inform you about the Oberlin Inn tree. We know you’re thinking: “But the Oberlin Inn project knocked down all of the trees.” Wrong! Oberlin Colle...

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