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April 1, 2016

Garett Wins Democratic Nomination Oberlin’s Janet
Garrett, a retired public school teacher, won the Democratic nomination
to run against Republican Representative Jim Jordan in November’s election. Garrett, who seeks to represent Ohio’s fourth district, previously ran against Jordan in 2014, when Jordan won with 68 percent of the vote. Garrett’s specific goals for the district include improving the job market, the educational system and senior care. She hopes that her message, combined with better name recognition, will help her against Jordan this time around. Underground Upgrades Oberlin’s Planning Commission approved Phases IIA and IIB of the Underground Railroad Center project on March 2, which ...

Underground Railroad Center to Revitalize Gasholder Grounds

Xiaoqian Zhu

February 19, 2016

After seven years of planning, the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center expects to move forward with Phase II of its implementation plan this spring by breaking ground on a new Park-&-Ride facility near the Gasholder Building. The project will be paid for through a combination of donations and state funding. The OURC will install restroom facilities, an open bike shelter, a picnic center and 22 new parking spaces along the North Coast Inland Trail. Sidewalks will also be added to the trail, which runs down Edison Street. There has been widespread support for the conversion of the Gasholder Building into a historical site and tourist gateway. The OURC raised more than $8,000 in donations from local organiza...

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