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November 9, 2018

Underground History Tour Highlights Freedom Seekers The Oberlin Heritage Center will lead two walking tours through town, sharing the stories of some of the over 3,000 African Americans who passed through and hid in Oberlin while escaping enslavement. The two tours are being offered Parents’ Weekend, Friday Nov. 9 and Saturday Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. Tours will last 90 minutes and begin at the First Church in Oberlin, UCC. Tickets are $6.00 per person. IGA Plastic Bag Swap Encourages Sustainable Shopping In honor of America Recycles Day, which is Nov. 10, Oberlin IGA Foodliner is repeating its successful bag swap, launched during Earth Week last April. IGA will exchange free reusable bags for three plastic...

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

February 10, 2017

The Oberlin Heritage Center’s Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolition History Walk, an interactive tour of Oberlin’s
Black history, is free through February in celebration of Black History Month.

Oberlin Heritage Center Unveils Self-Led Tablet Tours

February 10, 2017

Students and community members looking to celebrate Black History Month should consider the Oberlin Heritage Center, which is offering a free, digitized version of its walking tour, Freedom’s Friends: Underground Railroad and Abolitionist History Walk, throughout the month of February. Visitors to the Monroe House, located on West Vine Street, can borrow tablets preloaded with the tour for the day. These tablets allow users to explore Oberlin’s ties to the Underground Railroad and slaves’ journeys...

Underground Railroad Center to Revitalize Gasholder Grounds

Xiaoqian Zhu

February 19, 2016

After seven years of planning, the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center expects to move forward with Phase II of its implementation plan this spring by breaking ground on a new Park-&-Ride facility near the Gasholder Building. The project will be paid for through a combination of donations and state funding. The OURC will install restroom facilities, an open bike shelter, a picnic center and 22 new parking spaces along the North Coast Inland Trail. Sidewalks will also be added to the trail, which runs down Edison Street. There has been widespread support for the conversion of the Gasholder Building into a historical site and tourist gateway. The OURC raised more than $8,000 in donations from local organiza...

The Oberlin Gasholder Building, constructed in 1889 to store coal gas, will house the new Underground Railroad museum. The planning group is still finalizing
a construction timeline amid budget constraints.

City to Transform Gasholder into Museum

September 25, 2015

Oberlin has found a new use for an old building: a museum commemorating the city’s role in the Underground Railroad, housed in the Gasholder Building on South Main Street behind McDonald’s. City Council held a special meeting on Monday to continue planning for the new museum. The museum will contain artifacts, a library with books about the Underground Railroad and Black history, a lawn where company picnics and reenactments can be held, a small exhibit wall, a gift shop and an exhibit that...

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