The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Must Protect Diverse Opinions

Duncan Reid, Contributing Writer

September 15, 2017

Across college campuses nationwide, the right to free expression is endangered. In the past three years alone, one lawmaker in Wisconsin threatened to withhold funding from University of Wisconsin Madison because they were offended by a course dealing with race and ethnicity, Tennessee passed a law prohibiting universities from using public funds for a “sex week,” or to “promote the use of gender neutral pronouns,” South Carolina lawmakers voted to cut funding to two colleges that assigned LGBTQ-themed books as required reading for first-year students, and a Michigan Senate subcommittee threatened to fine universities for “any instructional activity that encourages or discourages union organizin...

University of Chicago Balances Free Speech, Trigger Warnings

Jack Derwin, Contributing Writer

September 16, 2016

As the training ground for students on the brink of entering full adulthood, the values of higher education are often the subject of scrutiny and controversy. One such controversy was prompted by a University of Chicago welcome letter sent to the university’s incoming first-years on Aug. 24 this year. The letter stated that the school does not sanction safe spaces or trigger warnings and will not stand for the intellectual losses that can come with both. Colleges and universities are institutions of learning, discovery and growth. To achieve those three goals, institutions cannot shield their students from opinions and ideas contrary to their own. In the letter, the university demonstrated a theoretically strong an...

Senior captain Grace Porter sets up for a serve in a match against the
University of Chicago Maroons last weekend. The women’s tennis
team returns to its home courts to play Case Western University and
Otterbein University this Saturday.

Women’s Tennis Struggles Against Ranked Foe

February 13, 2015

The women’s tennis team dropped its season opener to the nationally ranked University of Chicago Maroons last Sunday, losing all nine matches. In singles play, the No. 1 slot featured senior captain Grace Porter, currently ranked 17th in the region, against the Maroons’ sixth-ranked Megan Tang. Jumping out to an early 0–3 set lead, Porter was able to clinch the first set 3–6. The second set took a turn in favor of the Maroons as Tang claimed the next two sets, ultimately shutting Porter down w...

First-year Michael Drougas returns a shot during
a game last fall. The Yeomen travel to Chicago
this weekend to face the University of Chicago Maroons and the Wheaton College Thunder.

Ishida Leads Competitive Spirit for Men’s Tennis

February 13, 2015

The men’s tennis team kicked off its spring season at home on Saturday, falling to conference rival Wabash College in a six hour-long 5–4 loss and 7–2 to Division II foe Tiffin University. Oberlin’s marathon contest against the Wabash Little Giants culminated in a three-set match in the fifth flight between senior captain Soren Zeliger and Wabash’s Graham McMullen. The previous three regular-season meetings between the two teams ended in a close 5–4 score, and again on Saturday, the scor...

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