The Oberlin Review

Jazz pianist and composer Vijay Iyer visits Oberlin to attend a workshop performance of Trouble, his new violin concerto,
ahead of its world premiere in June.

On the Record with Pianist Vijay Iyer

April 14, 2017

Vijay Iyer is a world-renowned jazz pianist and composer who has also written music for various classical and electronic ensembles. Iyer visited Oberlin last weekend to attend a workshop performance of his new violin concerto, titled Trouble, by Oberlin Sinfonietta ahead of its worldwide premiere at Ojai Music Festival June 8. The piece featured violin soloist Jennifer Koh, OC ’97. Iyer and Koh also held a residency that included several master classes and discussions. Iyer graduated from Yale Universit...

Vijay Iyer Trio Grooves, Delights

Daniel Hautzinger, Staff Writer

April 12, 2013

They begin to play: A perverse electronic drumbeat punctuated by abrupt bass notes, like a drunken man knocking over tables as he lurches out of a bar.  Broken chords speed up and slow down on the piano in an uneven cycle.  The drummer starts a more coherent beat, somehow meshing with the piano despite refusing to match its rhythm.  And the bassist unrelentingly hammers out that introductory pattern. Such is Vijay Iyer’s song “Accelerando,” which opened his trio’s show last Thursday night at the ’Sco. Iyer, who earned a degree in mathematics and physics from Yale before becoming a jazz pianist and composer, is fascinated by rhythm. Many of his compositions — and much of his improvisation — are based...

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