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Students Need to Vote in Local Elections

John Petersen, OC '88 and Paul Sears Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
October 30, 2015

Student Vote Critical for REC Investment Decision

Carl McDaniel, OC ’64, Visiting Professor, Oberlin City Public Utilities Commissioner
October 30, 2015

Mending Town-Gown Divide Begins with Council Elections

Sam Price, Contributing Writer
October 30, 2015

Oberlin’s Future Reliant on Changing Status Quo

Bryan Burgess, Councilman
October 30, 2015

Slocum’s Leadership Experience Will Translate to City Council

John and Linda Gates, Oberlin residents
October 30, 2015

Students Should Bring Perspective to City Council

Sharon Fairchild-Soucy, Vice President of Oberlin City Council
October 2, 2015

Just Ask Us: Revolutionary Voting Practices

Jolie De Feis and Mike Plotz, Columnists
April 10, 2015
Members of the Oberlin College Democrats, College junior Nora Brickner, College first-year Eli Hovland and College sophomore Jack Benson work on a resolution opposing a provision in an Ohio bill over spring break during a J Street U conference in Washington, D.C. The provision, which opponents claimed would make it more difficult for out-of-state students to vote, was line-item vetoed by Governor John Kasich on Wednesday.

Governor Vetoes Out-of-State Student Voting Provision

Elizabeth Dobbins, News Editor
April 3, 2015

GOP Policies an Attack on Millennials

Zachery Crowell, Contributing Writer
November 14, 2014
Ohio Senator Jim Jordan speaks at Oberlin Community Candidates night. Residents will be voting in this race as well
as other races and issues this upcoming Tuesday.

Elections Bring Issues, Candidates to Voters

Molly Brand and Elizabeth Dobbins, Contributing Writer and News Editor
October 31, 2014

Voting Measures Further Disenfranchise Minorities

Editorial Board
October 10, 2014
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