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Syrian Refugee Crisis Warrants Ongoing Attention

Chloe Vassot, Contributing Writer

November 7, 2014

When it comes to matters that do not directly concern it, the Western world has the attention span of a small child. This is, in a way, understandable; people have lives and worries of their own, and the only international events that manage to catch the public’s collective eye are the flashy ones. There are many, many awful problems facing the world that land in the spotlight for an instant and are then forgotten. This is the normal way the world functions, but that does not make it entirely justifiable. Human rights crises and injustices continue unchecked because the public tires of hearing about them and because governments aren’t pressured to take action. A prime example of this is the ongoing Syrian...

ISIS Fears Prevent Sound Strategy

Dylan Tencic, Contributing Writer

October 10, 2014

At an Aug. 28 news conference, President Barack Obama made the mistake of being honest with America. Asked to explain what steps the country would take to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, he conceded: “We do not have a strategy yet.” Given the deep-rooted complexities of the controversy, the president had reason to appear indecisive, but the public has clamored around his lack of conviction. The president responded to these criticisms roughly two weeks later, presenting to the nation an exaggerated four-point plan to expand U.S. military involvement in the Middle East and combat ISIS. He asserted that ISIS “is a terrorist organization, pure and simple. It has no vision other than the slaughter of...

Obies at War: Alumni, Family Find Reasons for Enlistment

Piper Niehaus, Editor-In-Chief

December 11, 2009

Though many people join the armed forces following the example of an older family member, Bill Krissoff, OC ’68, did the opposite. Krissoff’s sons both became commissioned officers in the Marine Corps and, after years of being an orthopedic surgeon in private practice, he followed in their footsteps. “In most cases, sons are inspired by their father. In my case, I have been inspired by both sons’ dedication and commitment to service in the Marine Corps,” Krissoff explained. Krissoff’s older son Nathan was killed by a roadside bomb on Dec. 9, 2006 while on patrol with Marines in Al Anbar Province near Fallujah, Iraq. His younger son, Austin, continues to serve. Krissoff hoped that, in the Marines,...

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