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Spring Back Reimagines Choreography

Kate Fishman, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

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Every year, Oberlin’s Dance department hosts two faculty-directed shows: Fall Forward and Spring Back, which usually play out in a more-or-less traditional program in Warner Main Space. This year’s Spring Back breaks from this mold, as it will have no set stage. Instead, guides will lead audience members all through Warner Gymnasium. Beginning in Warner Main Space, where three of the concert’s pieces will be performed, the show will bring audiences to three pieces on the first floor, two more in the basement, and back again. There are only 50 tickets sold per night due to these restricted and innovative spaces, and upon arrival, viewers will be split into three groups, each of which will have a different experience of...

Oberlin Inter-Arts Program of ’70s Created Collaborative Environment

Alana Reibstein and Zoe Martens

November 6, 2015

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In the 1970s, anti-war protests inspired a surge of change and a call for action at Oberlin College. Under President Robert Fuller’s leadership, the Inter-Arts Program emerged, a program committed to approaching artistic creation and performance through multiple mediums. The program’s mission statement reads, “We seek to probe that which is unknown and see the familiar in a new way…” stressing the program’s commitment to reimagining the ways we conceptualize art. In 1972, former Oberlin Dance Professor and founder of the Oberlin Dance Collective Brenda Way established a home for Inter-Arts at Oberlin. She re-envisioned the Warner Gymnasium as a spacious and light-filled arena for artists to share their...

Improv Troupes Concoct Crazy Characters in Joint Performance

Dessane Cassell

October 4, 2013

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On Saturday night, Warner Gymnasium’s Studio Two was filled to the brim  students packed in for a double dose of improv. Primitive Streak and Sunshine Scouts, Oberlin’s long-form troupes, treated the audience to a night of appropriately inappropriate comedic spoofs, proving once more that you’re never too old for Mean Girls references or some awkward sexual tension. The 10 members of Primitive Streak bounded through the rows of mismatched chairs, bleachers and couches to take their place on the studio’s main floor at 8 p.m. sharp. In signature improv style, the troupe started things off by soliciting some weird, funny and occasionally gross suggestions from the audience. Settling on the term “metamorphoses” for a ...

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