The Oberlin Review

Amazon Threatens Future of Service Workers

Jordan Joseph, Contributing Writer

September 1, 2017

On Monday, Amazon finalized its acquisition of Whole Foods Market. Based on your viewpoint, you are now doing one of two things: you’re either excited about the new possibilities an automated future has to offer, or you’re worried about how service workers will fit into an automated model of business. I am currently doing both. Amazon’s new ownership of Whole Foods is certainly a step forward for consumer convenience, as well as a bold move toward Amazon’s quest to diversify its business portfolio. Since 1998, Amazon has acquired over 77 different companies through mergers, cash buyouts, and stock. In the age of a consumerist capitalistic culture, is it better to have one company that does not s...

Corporate Appropriation Delegitimizes Youth Culture, Slang

Kiley Petersen, Opinions Editor

May 8, 2015

There’s a hilarious scene in the first season of Portlandia where one of Fred Armisen’s characters, a bearded, hipster biker with gauges, cycles past a grocery store. He yells from his bike, “Whole Foods is corporate!” and rides away, shouting random “radical” phrases like “Go vegan!” and “Bike lanes!” until he finally rides his bike into his house, getting his door chain caught in his earring. The whole show is a hysterical parody of white, middle-class, urban-hipster progressivism, and I highly suggest spending some quality time during finals binge-watching it on Netflix. So, Whole Foods Market is corporate. Surprise, surprise. Basically everything we consume, whether it’s food, clothes or med...

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