The Oberlin Review

Silence on Tuition Hike Proves Senate’s Irrelevance

May 1, 2015

To the Editors: The Oberlin College Student Senate is a 15-member body, elected to relay the complex and pressing needs of the student population to their institution. Yet, if one were to read the description on its website, one could be forgiven for questioning whether Senate is in fact a “governance organization for the student body.” What do they govern? Senate has no power to enforce and little leverage in any capacity that cannot simply be waved off by administration. Arguably its greatest tool is communication: They speak with the president, send all-campus emails and pass resolutions. But if the Senate can only speak, for whom do they speak? Last week, Senate failed to make any collective statement of...

Oberlin Tuition Hike an Injustice

Zachery Crowell, SLAC Co-Chair

April 10, 2015

To the Editor: Beginning next year, the cost to attend Oberlin will be a staggering $64,224. This price is $2,436 more than the current $61,788 to attend. This price hike translates into a four percent increase over one year, which is well over twice the current rate of inflation. What can the justification be for raising prices? We are already one of the most expensive institutions in the United States. More precisely, this year we ranked 7th in tuition and 15th in total cost of attendance. Our financial situation has only improved since 2009. In fact, our endowment is currently up at $808 million or $280,000 per student, while we complete a second multi-million dollar construction project in just under two years....

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