The Oberlin Review

First Cuban Ambassador to the U.S. in 50 Years Presents to Students

Katherine MacPhail and Daniel Fleischer

February 7, 2020

Cuba’s first ambassador to the United States since the two countries closed their embassies in 1961 addressed students Thursday in a talk entitled “The Future of U.S.-Cuban Government Relations.” Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas visited Oberlin after traveling to Cleveland to meet with the LNE Group, a transatlantic advocacy firm. Cabañas explained that his goal in talking to students is to inspire more interest in international relations between the U.S. and Cuba. “Our only aim is that when we finish this week, next week, next month, is that you look for books, you look for more information about Cuba, and you simply try to understand the bilateral relationship from the United States from a historical perspect...

Faculty Letter to Save Arabic Language Program at Oberlin College

March 15, 2019

Arabic Studies Committee, the Middle East and North Africa Studies Program, and other language programs have read the statements of Acting Dean David Kamitsuka published in the Review last week (“Arabic Courses to Be Offered Digitally,” March 8, 2019). This letter responds to those statements. Additionally, it responds to other written correspondence between the Dean’s Office and faculty and students that occurred outside the above-mentioned article. 1. The acting dean stated that Arabic “enrollment levels have not been sustainable … in the last eight semesters of intermediate Arabic, course enrollment averaged four students per class.” As a matter of fact, between 2009 and 2019, Arabic language courses...

Symposium Looks to Cityscapes to Address World Issues

Simon Idelson

March 2, 2018

The College’s third annual Global Issues Symposium, The Global City, has begun its series of talks, discussions, and screenings that will run until April 27. The symposium will address daily life, politics, environmental issues, human rights, art, sports, and culture in a variety of cities in the Global South. The series is funded by an Isenberg Family Charitable Foundation grant and Oberlin alums and is organized by the Oberlin College International Studies Concentration. The International Studies Chair and Associate Professor of History Zeinab Abul-Magd is the primary organizer of the symposium. She said that the global presence of the U.S. calls for Americans to learn about the societies the U.S. occupies and interacts...

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