News Brief: Hotel Lawsuit Settled

Sydney Allen, Editor-in-Chief

After last week’s lawsuit between the city of Oberlin and the College involving the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center, the drama has finally come to an end. A settlement agreement was reached Wednesday between both parties.

The Oberlin City Council unanimously approved the settlement, which resolves all remaining issues surrounding the completion of the Gateway Center. The settlement comes after Oberlin College took legal action against the city for withholding the permits that would allow the center to open.

The settlement stipulated that there will be a 15-foot sidewalk as well as 14 angled parking spaces along East College Street. In addition, the College has agreed to pay for and install all restriping for the right-of-way. The College will also be relocating two fire hydrants to meet fire safety standards.

The settlement also stated that the city will promptly approve all the withheld permits that were threatening to delay the Gateway Center’s opening.

“It was through the mutual cooperation of both parties that a resolution was accomplished,” Scott Wargo, director of media relations for the College, wrote in an email to the Review.

The agreement addresses all issues of fire safety and parking, the principal reasons that the city was withholding the permits.

Tita Reed, special assistant to the president for community and government relations, said that the College is pleased with the resolution.

“We are glad that we were able to reach a settlement and look forward to getting this project completed,” Reed said. “The Hotel at Oberlin has set new standards for sustainable hotel design and construction, and we are excited to see this facility open and serving the community.”

“Since the inception of the Gateway Center concept, the city has been looking forward to the new hotel and the benefits it will bring to Oberlin College, the city of Oberlin and Lorain County. We are anticipating the opening of The Hotel at Oberlin as a community asset for all to enjoy,” Interim City Manager Sal Talarico said.

The Gateway Center is scheduled to open May 10.