Feature Photo: Alvin Rosenfeld Warns of Modern Anti-Semitism in Talk

Louis Krauss, News Editor

Alvin Rosenfeld, an English and Jewish Studies professor at Indiana University, delivered a talk in Dye Lecture Hall Monday about how anti-Semitism manifests in today’s world. The talk, titled “The Longest Hatred Renewed,” examined various contributors to the issue, such as anti-Zionism, which Rosenfeld said is just a “camouflage term” to hide modern-day anti-Semitism and a way to accept older forms of bigotry.

“It has become the most dangerous form of anti-Semitism in our time. Sometimes accompanied by a radical vision of a world liberated from the Jews, it is a totalist view of anti-Semitism,” Rosenfeld said. “It’s a potent force that shows up in street-level views of anti-Semitism, often by people who claim to have progressive views.”

Rosenfeld also discussed his concerns in regards to certain current Muslim leaders who he said often denounce Jewish people, as well as examples of anti-Semitism from various parts of the world. Around 70 visitors attended the event, including a large number of Kendall residents and several students in Halloween costumes.