Tony Mealy for City Council

Tony Mealy

On Nov. 5 Oberlin citizens will be asked to elect a new City Council and I ask you to vote for me.

I’ve been a resident for 48 years and I am fully familiar with our local issues. I am retired from responsible positions as a correctional counselor/supervisor, immigration inspector, air traffic controller and I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

I am free to devote as much time as necessary to perform the duties as your Councilman.

I have years of governmental experience beyond the above duties, having served on the Zoning Board, the Community Improvement Corporation, Oberlin Underground Railroad/Park and Ride project, Oberlin City Council in 1986–1987 and 2006–2007 as well as being actively involved in many local civic organizations.

I am a candidate because I enjoy public service and believe I could help provide leadership our local government needs. My main concerns remain adequate public services, facilities and maintenance by responsible spending, sensible economic development and planned future growth.

I would like to see completion of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center/Park & Ride Facility and support additional job creation in our Industrial Park. These goals include making needed investments in stormwater management and promotion of efficient power use throughout the city. The city must continue an aggressive push for energy efficiency as we shift to more carbon neutral power sources to abate global warming.

On Election Day, please cast your vote to elect Anthony J. Mealy for Oberlin City Council.