News Brief: City Sued by Gun Activists


Ohioans For Concealed Carry filed a lawsuit in Lorain County on Tuesday, urging the city of Oberlin to heed state law. The lawsuit was penned by OFCC in tandem with co-plaintiffs Brian and Janae Kuzawa, the Ashland, OH residents who staged a park protest on Sept. 7. In August of this year, Kuzawa brought his firearm to the Oberlin Family Fun Fair, when the gun debate first emerged.

In the suit, OFCC challenges a city ordinance that prohibits open carry in parks, claiming the decree contradicts the Ohio Revised Code. The Ohio Revised Code 9.68was enacted in 2007 and imposes uniform gun laws throughout the state. According to the lawsuit, Oberlin’s ordinance constitutes a violation of the ORC.

OFCC issued their grievances at the city council meeting on Sept. 16, but failed to persuade council members.

“Despite OFCC addressing the council and telling them what they were about to do was illegal, they proceeded anyway,” OFCC said on their website.

“Because Oberlin’s elected officials have failed to act reasonably and responsibly,” OFCC stated, “OFCC now is seeking the aid of the courts to force Oberlin to comply fully with the Ohio Revised Code.”