Singleton Offers Expertise to City Council

To the Editors:

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, I will have the distinct pleasure of voting for Kelley Singleton for Oberlin City Council. I urge you to do the same — not because of Kelley’s experience in management, or because of his already outstanding service as an Oberlin Rotarian and city councilman. It won’t be because he grew up here, or even because he shares my passionate advocacy for renewable energy, Oberlin’s status as a sanctuary city, and LGBTQ rights.

I’m so excited to vote for Kelley because he is full of ideas: He’s paving the way for food trucks to draw people outside on summer nights; he has sounded out local growers to plant cherry trees on a dreary corner for a blossom festival in some future spring; and he’s planning a green path to connect all the parks scattered throughout Oberlin.

Kelley has a vision for Oberlin that gets me excited to live here and contribute to this community. As one of the founding artist-members of Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, I saw first-hand how people with ideas — people like Kelley — can turn a place into a thriving neighborhood bursting with potential.

Oberlin is already an awesome place to live. Kelley Singleton will bring out the best that Oberlin and its engaged citizens have to offer.

Martha Ferrazza
Oberlin Resident