In The Locker Room with Allie Trimble, New Philips Equipment Room Manager


Ify Ezimora

Allie Trimble

Hailing from Wakeman, Ohio — a small town 11 miles west of Oberlin — Allison Trimble began working for Oberlin Feb. 7, 2000, as part of Campus Dining Services. Trimble, who was born in Oberlin at Mercy Allen Hospital, started working in Wilder Hall, then transitioned to Dascomb Dining Hall, and ended up back at Wilder before accepting her current position in Philips gym. Trimble can be seen strolling the halls of Philips wearing the new Good Vibes Only gym uniform and handing out equipment to patrons.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Where did you work in CDS and for how long?

I worked at Wilder, and I worked off-and-on for 18 years. … I worked at Dascomb for about seven years, so I worked at Wilder for 11.

What was your favorite part of working for CDS?

Getting to know all of you guys. That was the best thing. You know we call ourselves in food service “the Obie Moms.” We’re your moms’ voice of reason when they’re not here. And we’re more than cooks — we’re like psychiatrists when you’re having a bad day, or if you just need someone to talk to. We were always here for you, and it’s just a huge support system, and that’s one thing I loved about it.

Do you miss CDS?

I miss the people. But this is so different. It’s a whole different animal than CDS, but I have a lot of friends over there that I miss. But we still keep in contact over Facebook!

How has the transition from CDS to Athletics been?

It’s been wonderful. It’s been absolutely wonderful; I am 100 percent in love with my job, I really am. You know I love food service, but sometimes you need a change. I was there for 18 years and just got to the point where it’s like, “Oh, here you go, here you go.” Now it’s like, “Hey, I’ve got something to do; I’m more challenged now.” I love it here, I really do.

What are some of your responsibilities under your belt now?

Well I have to wash all the girls’ uniforms — indoor and outdoor sports. I have to sign out different equipment, like basketballs, rackets, stuff like that. Work with all the coaches.

What is your favorite part so far about working in Athletics?

I lost 10 pounds from walking. And it’s like, you see everyone, but then you see them in a different perspective. You know they play basketball or play softball, but now I really know what they do. Over in CDS we just see you guys all the time. But here, I actually know, like [College junior] Ally [Driscoll, Equipment Room student worker]’s a basketball player. Over there I would just say, “Hi, Ally,” and that’s all I would know. It’s a different eye-opening experience.

I heard you posted postcards in one of the locker rooms.

I’ve done it for all the girls’ locker rooms. I tell them I’m like their little cheerleader. I put like, “There’s not just one member of a team; every member is the team,” and just inspirational quotes, and that makes it good when you’re feeling down. If you lose a game and you go in there, if you play your heart out — that’s all that matters. If you played the best you could, then you did well. Just because you win or lose doesn’t mean anything — I mean, it does mean something — but if you know you played your best then that’s all that matters.

Do you anticipate working in Athletics until you retire, or do you imagine switching to something else?

Oh no, I really like this. I’m hoping to stay here for a long time. Or until I grow, like, 50,000 moms and take over the mom world.

What are you most looking forward to this year, in terms of your new position?

Learning sports. My husband teases me that I am the one person [who] knows nothing about sports, and how I got this job he has no idea. I told him I had the most seniority. But I’m learning. I found my first jockstrap. My husband was like, “I hope you wore gloves.” I’ve never played tennis before — I played tennis for the first time last week. Fell in love with it — I love tennis! And I’m just learning different things and different sports.