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Community Should Support Issue 11

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Our schools reflect what we value. In the upcoming election, Oberlin residents will have the opportunity to vote on Issue 11, the bond issue that will result in the construction of “a state-of-the-art, cost-efficient, centralized educational campus that will be a key investment in the future of Oberlin designed for 21st-century learning practices, safety and security, sustainability, and community use.”

This description is taken directly from the website that details the goal, the rationale, the cost savings per year for maintenance and upkeep of the current buildings, the amount of income the bond issue will generate, the timetable, how the project will be financed, and the projected cost per household. The information presented bespeaks a thoughtful process and careful analysis of the current state of the buildings, the solutions considered, and the desired outcome described in the goals. This clear, persuasive presentation leads us to urge you to vote yes for Issue 11 on Nov. 6 as a statement that we value our children, our resources, our environment, our community, and our future.

John and Linda Gates
Oberlin Residents

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One Response to “Community Should Support Issue 11”

  1. George Stephen on November 4th, 2018 2:14 PM

    Yes John and Linda Gates you would vote yes! Why? Let me ask you this. Do you have kids that will benefit from it? More than likely yes but what about all the residents of OBERLIN school district that like me does not live there but lives in one of the surrounding townships that are in that school district and bought a home to get away from the city, do not have kids where does that leave us? Well here is your answer! Leaves us paying for other peoples kids education. And shame on Oberlin board members for even throwing out there that we are one of the lowest property tax bases because by the time you add in the personal school income tax for non residents on top of it we are in fact one of the highest in the state period! don’t try to make it look reasonable by splitting it into to separate payments. Money that pays for schools come out of ones paycheck regardless of how its paid. The bottom line is people that do not own property that will not be stuck with the bill for the rest of their lives should not be able to vote on that issue that including the Oberlin college students that run back to home state after voting because basically your voting yes for others pay cut while you and your children reap the benefits and not the fair amount of the cost that others have to pay and again people paying for others children education after you just spent your life paying for your own children schooling and i wont even get into the discussion about how Oberlin school uses Oberlin school buses to truck in college kids by the bus load to vote yes then listen to Mr school board president try to justify it and down play it in a chronicle write up by saying its not as many as everyone thinks because i for one seen it with my own two eyes and it was as many as people thought and then some.When does it all stop when is it that everyone is taxed out. Its time for the voting laws to change so as to be fair for everyone and not just the certain few voting for a living expense cut across the board. VOTE NO PERIOD

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