Unused Room 1 Showcases Student Artwork in New Biweekly House Show

College seniors Alexander Freundlich and Zaid Milefchik stand in their exhibition Unused Room, a space in their home that they will be using to showcase contemporary student art. Their first show this past Wednesday, Oct. 3 included art made from mixed greens, a diffuser, and tape, among other avant-garde materials. From Oct. 31 onward, their shows will be running bi-weekly. “We consider art to be a substrate out of which new ideas and understandings can emerge,” they said in a statement to the Review. “Unused Room is an organism. Better yet, it’s a genus of potential organisms contained within each show. Moving forward, we hope to offer a new space for both art and vernacular expression on our campus. We strongly encourage writers, STEM students, and other non-artists to submit.” They will be accepting submissions at [email protected].