The Oberlin Review

ExCo Program Turns 50

Yan Jin and Saul Kester

December 7, 2018

Oberlin will have its first ever ExCo Showcase on Thursday, Dec. 13 to commemorate the Experimental College program’s 50th anniversary. The Experimental College was founded in 1968 to supplement Oberlin College’s traditional curriculum, offering atypical courses generally taught by non-professors not usually available at institutions of higher education. “It was a time when Oberlin College was going through a lot of changes, and they were developing a more experimental approach to education,” said Marah Ajilat, College sophomore and ExCo committee member. “That’s also the year they started Winter Term." There are 61 ExCo courses offered this semester and the program has continued to grow since its...

Unused Room 1 Showcases Student Artwork in New Biweekly House Show

Unused Room 1 Showcases Student Artwork in New Biweekly House Show

October 5, 2018

College seniors Alexander Freundlich and Zaid Milefchik stand in their exhibition Unused Room, a space in their home that they will be using to showcase contemporary student art. Their first show this past Wednesday, Oct. 3 included art made from mixed greens, a diffuser, and tape, among other avant-garde materials. From Oct. 31 onward, their shows will be running bi-weekly. “We consider art to be a substrate out of which new ideas and understandings can emerge,” they said in a statement to the...

Double-degree junior Marina Wright performs in the “Britney Showcase,” which featured Britney Spears songs with innovative arrangements and orchestration.

Student Musicians Deliver Original Take on Britney Spears

November 10, 2017

The phrase “It’s Britney, bitch!” — though iconic — seems out of place for the “Britney Showcase” performed at the Cat in the Cream Tuesday night. Directed and orchestrated by College junior and Musical Studies major Alex Ngo, the showcase took a musical theater, opera, and jazz framing to Britney’s music and covered her hits with hyperbolic elegance. Donning sexy vintage costumes and personas, double-degree sophomore Celine Opdycke and Conservatory first-year Georgia Heers, as we...

Attendance Increases for Student Chamber Concerts

Jeremy Reynolds, Staff Writer

April 24, 2015

Conservatory students participating in this semester’s chamber music program will perform a series of four concerts this Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in Stull Recital Hall. “The way we do it now is two doubleheaders, kind of like baseball,” said Associate Professor of Viola and Chamber Music Michael Strauss in a recent interview with the Review about the upcoming Chamber Music Showcases. Strauss took over the chamber music program two years ago from Visiting Teacher of Chamber Music Kirsten Docter, and has since made several adjustments to the program to suit the needs of students. “The first year I was here, there wasn’t really an accentuation on performing chamber music,” Strauss said. ...

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