Voters Should Consider Third Parties

As we come closer to the elections, it is with great sorrow we watch as the “corrupt corporate two” censor other viable gubernatorial candidates on the ballot from the debates. Protests against this censorship were held at Dayton University, Marietta College, and Cleveland University. The City Club’s formation of the privately owned Ohio Debate Commission has been petitioned from the onset of their formation to include candidates on the ballot in their debates. Even if the number of people who do not vote decide to go to the polls and vote for a third party, that party can win. When one feels as if they have no choice, it feeds the greed-driven duopoly, and this is exactly what folks who speak of “spoiler” votes want to happen. We have an obligation to vote for candidates based on issues and answers, not “chance.”

We have experienced a heavy-handed dose of censorship in Ohio. Many people are surprised when they hear there are four candidates running for governor and lieutenant governor in Ohio and three more write-in candidates. Visit for more info. You can change the fate of our state when you go to the polls Tuesday. There are candidates willing to work hard to serve the people over profit. Demand the media put an end to censorship.