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Oberlin Residents Must Hold School District Accountable

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With the passing of Issue 11, we have now entrusted the Oberlin School District with a large amount of taxpayer money. We will remember the many promises made throughout their campaign.

The message of Oberlin Concerned Citizens has been to broaden the conversation from a building to the entire context in which this decision is being made. We hope the community fares well, even as the depth of its divide about this project has now been revealed.
It is a basic truth that Oberlin’s resources are not infinite. The financial state of the College and our households will continue to impact the lives of all of us, including the children we educate. Holding the Board of Education accountable for its use of this money will best be ensured by an attentive and concerned Oberlin citizenry.

Respectfully submitted by Oberlin Concerned Citizens,
Melissa Ballard
Lorrie Chmura
Debbi Walsh
Joan Webster

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One Response to “Oberlin Residents Must Hold School District Accountable”

  1. Lisa Kavanaugh on November 17th, 2018 4:54 PM

    I agree with Oberlin Concerned Citizens. We still have options to hold costs to a minimum. I hope the Board of Education uses wisdom, creativity and compassion in the decisions they make. May they be aware of the City’s needs and balance these with those of our children, as they WILL affect us all – not just now, but for future generations. Hopefully the Board of Education will take a holistic approach, using an environmental, social and financially responsible approach, and project decisions seven generations ahead in all these areas. It is my hope that the Board of Education will consult with Oberlin Concerned Citizens before decisions are finalized. Having the wisdom to seek the opinions of those who may see things from a different perspective takes courage. I look forward to a courageous meeting of the minds.

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