The Oberlin Review

Oberlin Residents Must Hold School District Accountable

Debbi Walsh and Melissa Ballard

November 16, 2018

With the passing of Issue 11, we have now entrusted the Oberlin School District with a large amount of taxpayer money. We will remember the many promises made throughout their campaign. The message of Oberlin Concerned Citizens has been to broaden the conversation from a building to the entire context in which this decision is being made. We hope the community fares well, even as the depth of its divide about this project has now been revealed. It is a basic truth that Oberlin’s resources are not infinite. The financial state of the College and our households will continue to impact the lives of all of us, including the children we educate. Holding the Board of Education accountable for its use of this money will...

Sal Talarico will serve as the new interim city

City Council Appoints Interim City Manager

December 4, 2015

As City Manager Eric Norenberg prepares to move to a new job in Milford, Delaware, City Council has decided to promote from within. City Council met on Nov. 30 to pass an ordinance appointing Sal Talarico, the current director of finance for the city of Oberlin, as the new interim city manager. Talarico will remain finance director while assuming the responsibilities of city manager starting Jan. 1, until the City Council finds a permanent replacement. The length of Talarico’s term as interim manager wi...

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