Community Member Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

Oberlin resident Leo Evans III, 31, pleaded not guilty on Feb. 8 to charges of abduction, disrupting public services, and assault. Evans has previously been employed by both The Feve and The Local Coffee & Tea. The events in question allegedly occurred Nov. 13, 2018 and involved Evans and an Oberlin student with whom he had been in a relationship. On Nov. 18, an Oberlin community member heard Evans and the student arguing about the events of Nov. 13 outside of Kim’s Grocery and Carryout and informed police. Officers located the student and accompanied them to Evans’ place of residence to retrieve their personal belongings later that night.

The student pressed formal charges against Evans. An arrest warrant was issued for Evans Nov. 22 and Evans voluntarily turned himself into the police four days later. Evans posted bond Dec. 5 and was released on the condition that he wear a GPS monitoring device. He was indicted Jan. 25 for assault, disrupting public services, and abduction. Evans was arraigned and pleaded not guilty earlier this week. The pretrial hearing is set for Feb. 20.

Campus Safety Officers had previously responded to an incident involving the student and Evans in a College residential building on Oct. 30.