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Emergency responders stand outside of Mercy Allen Hospital on Tuesday after seven people were exposed to an unknown substance.

Unknown Substance Causes Emergency at Walmart, Mercy ER

November 1, 2019

An unknown substance originating in the Oberlin Walmart parking lot left seven people sick or unresponsive on Tuesday. Some of the exposures occurred in Mercy Allen Hospital and resulted in the hospital employing its emergency management plan and temporarily evacuating its emergency room. Chemical testing is still ongoing, but Chief of Police Ryan Warfield says he suspects the substance was fentanyl. The exposures began when police responded to a call reporting a suspicious individual walking i...

Community Member Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

Jenna Gyimesi, News Editor

February 15, 2019

Oberlin resident Leo Evans III, 31, pleaded not guilty on Feb. 8 to charges of abduction, disrupting public services, and assault. Evans has previously been employed by both The Feve and The Local Coffee & Tea. The events in question allegedly occurred Nov. 13, 2018 and involved Evans and an Oberlin student with whom he had been in a relationship. On Nov. 18, an Oberlin community member heard Evans and the student arguing about the events of Nov. 13 outside of Kim’s Grocery and Carryout and informed police. Officers located the student and accompanied them to Evans’ place of residence to retrieve their personal belongings later that night. The student pressed formal charges against Evans. An arrest warrant was...

NFL Protest Debates Distract from Purpose

Booker C. Peek, Emeritus Associate Professor of Africana Studies

September 7, 2018

To the Editors: Last week, America paid tribute to Aretha Franklin and John McCain, who both strove to make America greater than ever by unceasingly underscoring the need for us to embrace differences and engage with those whose views differ from our own. We are one people, one nation, and one world, in spite of the fights we may have on any given day. This Thursday, a new National Football League season starts. Many players want to bring an end to police brutality against blacks, and last year many did not stand for our National Anthem as a sign of protesting this violence. They have a right to do as they please, but there are consequences. One has been that their action has taken most of the attention off their go...

Lack of Gun Control Puts U.S. Education System at Risk

Nathan Carpenter, Columnist

March 2, 2018

In the more than five years since the December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, it has become clear that gun control in the United States will not be achieved through the avenues that we have already explored. Congress has proven that it has no interest in challenging the National Rifle Association, even at the expense of students’ lives. Students are now taking matters into their own hands — and not just the survivors of the horrific Parkland shooting, but countless others around the country as well. Mass school walkouts in support of gun control are being organized in one of the most compelling and powerful instances of student-led action in my lifetime. Now, schools must ch...

Police Catch Peeping Tom with Footage of Students

Louis Krauss and Andrea Wang

February 24, 2017

Police arrested a man in Erie County after finding videos on his phone containing footage of women, mostly Oberlin students, undressing in their off-campus houses. David Schindley, 45, from Huron, Ohio, filmed the videos while standing outside students’ houses between Jan. 12 and Feb. 5. According to Detective Robert Rieger from the Erie County Sher­iff’s Office, around 90 percent of the 54 recovered videos were shot in Oberlin. So far, four of the five people iden­tified in the videos have been Oberlin students, but two more people have yet to be identified. One of the students whose house was filmed is College se­nior Gracie Freeman-Lifschutz, who received a visit from Rieger last week explaining that their...

Local Officer Cleared of Charges

Louis Krauss, News Editor

September 30, 2016

Oberlin Police Chief Juan Torres said he would not pursue further action in response to a report of local police harassment. City residents Monique Brooks-Cochran and her fiancé Arvis Townsend, who are both Black, filed the complaint after officer Bashshar Wiley allegedly harassed and monitored their family over the last four years. Townsend, who has been arrested five times and had 49 encounters with Oberlin Police between 2012 and 2016 for charges including drug possession and robbery, complained that Wiley would frequently park his patrol car in front of his house for no reason and go out of his way to serve him warrants, sometimes doing so in the middle of the night. “It’s like every time he sees me he’s...

Over-Militarization Causes Gun Violence

Chloe Vassot, Contributing Writer

September 16, 2016

Gun control measures have historically been enforced by racist laws that have been used to explicitly discriminate against marginalized people, as Josh Ashkinaze pointed out in his Sept. 9 Review article “Progressives Should Oppose Gun Control.” He calls it “deeply ironic” that “progressives” support a movement with such a past, but his proposed solutions of wariness, the creation of federal gun registry and use of “smart gun” technology are inadequate and obscure the reality of homicidal gun use in the U.S. Being wary of the methods by which laws are implemented is logical and necessary due to the reality of police brutality, but caution should not hinder efforts to create real and substantive anti-...

We Must Support Institutions, Prosecute Wrongdoers

Booker C. Peek, Emeritus Associate Professor of Africana Studies

February 26, 2016

To the Editors: Brave and selfless women and men volunteer to serve in our armed services to support America by being willing to lay down their lives in faraway lands in defense of the United States of America. We can and should support them a lot better than we do. Similarly, women and men who volunteer to serve us at home as police officers deserve our thanks and support. These two august institutions make it possible for us all to enjoy a sufficient degree of peace and orderliness, thereby affording us the tranquility and stability to address other challenges, concerns, etc. All those in the armed services or on the police force do not always meet our minimum level of behavior all the time; indeed, some c...

Review Security Notebook

February 26, 2016

Thursday, Feb. 18
 1:48 a.m. Officers were requested to assist a student ill from alcohol consumption on the second floor of Firelands Apartments. The student was found sleeping in the hall and was able to answer all questions asked. They were then escorted to their room for the night. 10:20 a.m. Science Center staff reported non-offensive writing on the wall in the upper level of Craig Lecture Hall. A work order was filed for removal. Friday, Feb. 19
 3:34 p.m. Officers were requested to assist with a safety inspection in a room on the second floor of East Hall. The officers found several empty cans of beer and three pipes containing a substance consistent with marijuana. The pipes were turned over to the...

Local News Bulletin

February 19, 2016

Man Brings Paraphernalia to Court Oberlin man Arvis Townsend was arrested on Feb. 10 for bringing drug paraphernalia into the Elyria Municipal Court. He was stopped by an officer working at the court’s front metal detector, which sounded after Townsend passed through with a spoon, needles and a tourniquet. He was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and the items were turned over to the Elyria Police Department as evidence. Townsend currently faces a felony charge. He has previously been arrested on multiple drug charges, burglary and disorderly conduct by intoxication. Car Strikes Pedestrians in Hospital Parking Lot A driver struck four pedestrians in the Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain...

Local News Bulletin

February 12, 2016

New Markers at Westwood Cemetery The Friends of Westwood Cemetery is a community group that works to preserve the cemetery grounds, gravestones and stories tied to the historic site. In December, the group finished replacing old, worn signs that were making it difficult to find certain graves after receiving approval from City Council last year. The new signs have identifying letters on three sides. Through this and other community upkeep projects, the organization hopes to raise awareness about the cemetery and the role it has played in Oberlin’s history. Police Chief to Launch Community Liaison Program Chief of Police Juan Torres will provide liaisons to the Oberlin Early Childhood Center, Kendal at Oberl...

Police Drive Home Safety Issues

Eliza Guinn

February 12, 2016

To curb traffic violations, the Oberlin Police Department started their Bike, Pedestrian and Drivers Safety Education and Enforcement Campaign Feb. 4 in response to numerous complaints. The campaign has included the distribution of educational materials and an increased police presence, especially in Oberlin’s central business district. Chief of Police Juan Torres said that the initiative’s top priorities are education, information distribution and enforcement of the rights and duties of citizens. The additional officers downtown will log the warnings and tickets they issue so that the OPD can do a statistical review at the end of the month. “The campaign is based on the recognition that bicyclists, pedes...

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