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OPD Offers Class to Educate Residents on Police Tactics

Elizabeth Dobbins, News Editor

March 13, 2015

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The Oberlin Police Department is currently accepting applications for this year’s Citizens Police Academy — a free 10-week program open to those interested in police procedures who also pass the required background check. The academy offers field trips, demonstrations and classes on topics ranging from detective work to canine teams to the 911 call center. “We’re not training people to be police officers,” Lt. Mike McCloskey said. “We’re trying to give them a taste of what the job entails. Maybe gain a little mutual respect. It’s an opportunity to meet all the officers ... in a less formal environment.” McCloskey, like most officers in the OPD, is an instructor in the program and teaches the class...

Police Racism Dehumanizes Black Youth

Aliyah Abu-Hazeem, Contributing Writer

December 12, 2014

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately, not only about the Ferguson decision, but also about the senseless violence that has been occurring across the nation. My thinking has, unconsciously, enabled my silence. I am not silent because I have nothing to say. In fact, I have much to say. Far more than this white space can hold. I was brought up on the sentiment, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” and I know that my words are impactful and will resonate with many people, especially during a time of national grieving such as this. My silence doesn’t indicate a choice not to stand in solidarity for the innumerable Black and Brown individuals’ lives that are lost on a daily basis, in a system that we cal...

Representative Media Coverage Requires Voices of Citizen Journalists

Editorial Board

December 5, 2014

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Hours after a Staten Island grand jury announced Wednesday that a white NYPD officer would not be indicted in the death of Eric Garner, a black father of six who stopped breathing while held in a banned chokehold, The Huffington Post published a headline that stood out in the media frenzy: “A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner’s Killing — The Man Who Filmed It.” More surprising than the news of another non-indictment of a white police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man is the rarity of this type of media angle. In the cases of John Crawford in Beavercreek, Ohio, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and now Eric Garner in New York City, corporate-backed national media outlets have...

Laws Against Hitchhiking Reflect Misguided Fears

Andrew Fedorov, Contributing Writer

October 10, 2014

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Hitchhiking, as both an activity and a means of travel, fills you with a sense of liberation. Once you’ve done it, you know that any day, you can leave your present situation behind and just step out, stick out your thumb and go anywhere you can think of. While traveling, I spent a couple days in Paris with a girl from Scandinavia; at home, she told me, whenever she felt trapped, she would hitchhike cross-country and would then feel free again. However, this kind of liberation is hard to come by in a society that regulates behavior based on irrational fear. Last weekend, my friend Tim and I attempted to hitchhike to Detroit for a little place-hacking. Multiple gas station employees threatened to call the police...

OPD to Begin Using Body-Worn Cameras

OPD to Begin Using Body-Worn Cameras

October 3, 2014

The Oberlin Police Department is preparing to add body-worn cameras to their arsenal of technology this week in an attempt to increase both officer accountability and public trust between officers and city residents. The cameras, which will soon be worn by every officer in the Department, are modeled to record interactions with the public via a largely hands-off interface. Officers are instructed to turn their camera on at the start of their shift and back off once their shift ends. While they...

Security Report: Thursday, Sept. 4 – Tuesday, Sept. 9

September 12, 2014

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Thursday, Sept. 4 6 p.m. An officer on patrol observed a female skateboarding by the loading dock at the Conservatory. The female was advised of policies regarding skateboarding. The individual refused to provide identification and left the area. 10:59 p.m. Officers were requested to assist an intoxicated student at College and Main Street. An ambulance was requested and the student was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital for treatment. Friday, Sept. 5 9:21 p.m. Officers were requested to assist an individual visiting a student who was ill from alcohol consumption in the North Quad area. The individual was transported to Mercy Allen Hospital for treatment. 10:33 p.m. Officers responded to a...

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