Local News Bulletin

New Markers at Westwood Cemetery

The Friends of Westwood Cemetery is a community group that works to preserve the cemetery grounds, gravestones and stories tied to the historic site. In December, the group finished replacing old, worn signs that were making it difficult to find certain graves after receiving approval from City Council last year. The new signs have identifying letters on three sides. Through this and other community upkeep projects, the organization hopes to raise awareness about the cemetery and the role it has played in Oberlin’s history.

Police Chief to Launch Community Liaison Program

Chief of Police Juan Torres will provide liaisons to the Oberlin Early Childhood Center, Kendal at Oberlin, Oberlin Community Services and the Salvation Army later this year. The goal of the program is to provide the organizations with supportive working relationships and better communication with local law enforcement. The liaison will provide a consistent presence that is meant to foster a sense of security when dealing with sensitive legal issues like custody battles or threats. Torres himself served as a liaison to two organizations for 17 years.

CVS to Begin Selling Naloxone

Beginning in late March, the CVS Pharmacy on South Main Street, along with 318 other Ohio locations, will start selling naloxone over the counter. Naloxone, known by the brand name Narcan, is used to treat overdoses caused by heroin and other narcotics. Lorain County police departments were the first in Ohio to carry naloxone to treat overdose victims. No alternative medication was previously available over the counter.