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Report Showcases Economic Impact of College on Local Community

Katie Lucey, News Editor

October 11, 2019

According to an economic impact report released by Oberlin College on Sept. 25, the College “has a significant economic influence” on the greater Oberlin and Lorain County community and will contribute an estimated $143 million in direct and indirect spending in the region throughout 2019. The release of the report, titled “Our Community: 2019 Oberlin College Community Impact Report,” preceded last week’s Board of Trustees meeting and Tuesday’s announcement of the board’s decision to appeal the $25 million judgment against the College in the lawsuit filed by Gibson’s Bakery Oberlin contracted IMPLAN, an economic impact analysis firm, to produce the report. IMPLAN used 2018 inflation-adjusted institutional...

Oberlin Community Should Push for Drug Harm Reduction Policies

Rachel Clark, Contributing Writer

March 8, 2019

As a progressive institution, Oberlin is uniquely poised to stand at the forefront of a new generation of harm reduction policies for drug usage. Overdose rates are up, current policy is failing, and it’s time for us to provide members of our community with ways to reduce harm while using substances. It is essential that we recognize that people will engage in certain behaviors regardless of legality or social acceptance — substance use is one of these behaviors. Therefore, it makes more sense to provide resources for people to make educated decisions about safe drug usage rather than to enforce policy that punishes individuals for making decisions about their own bodies. This is what harm reduction is all about:...

Group Meetings Will Support People With Autoimmune Diseases

Kathy Perales and Brittany Blakely

September 28, 2018

I was interested to read about Jackie Brant’s trials with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune disease, in last week’s issue of the Review (“More Than Just ‘Sore’”). It is so encouraging that she has found a treatment that allows her to continue to do things she loves, like play soccer. BOFE Lupus Foundation provides monthly, free, and confidential in-person support groups (with free coffee and other hot drinks) for those who suffer from or have connections — including caregivers, family, and friends — to autoimmune diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus. The next Coffee Talk will be at the Oberlin Public Library on Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., ...

Anabel Barrón Sánchez, co-founder of LOIRA

Lila Michaels, Layout Editor

September 14, 2018

Anabel Barrón Sánchez is the co-founder and vice president of the Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association and a case worker at El Centro de Servicios Sociales. Sánchez was born in Mexico and came to the United States at nine months old as an undocumented immigrant. Since then, she has been turned away while trying to re-enter the U.S. several times, held in detention by Border Patrol, forced to wear an ankle monitor, and was faced with deportation by U.S. Immigrant and Customs Enforcement. She is a Lorain County community leader advocating for immigrant rights. Sánchez visited Oberlin College last Tuesday to speak on immigration, race, and sanctuary in Ohio. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. ...

First-Year Looks to Transform Local Politics, Runs for District 56

First-Year Looks to Transform Local Politics, Runs for District 56

April 6, 2018

While most Oberlin students are once again settling into campus life after spring break, College first-year Claudia Olaes is running for local office. A pre-med student minoring in Art and Politics, Olaes has taken academic leave this semester to run for the Ohio House of Representatives in District 56. The Democratic incumbent, Dan Ramos, is unable to run for re-election due to term limits, so the Lorain native is campaigning for a vacant seat against three Democrats and one Republican. Olaes may be young, ...

Lorain Grapples with Government Cutbacks

Lorain Grapples with Government Cutbacks

December 9, 2016

County officials have chosen to defer to the will of the voters and implement budget cuts instead of a tax hike, which will include cutting funding to law enforcement as Lorain County’s heroin epidemic rages on. The county commissioners’ office rejected a proposal Wednesday morning that would have raised the sales tax in Lorain by .25 percent. The increase would have gone against voters’ decision on the Nov. 8 ballot, but was under consideration regardless because of the county’s dire...

Ohio Voting Has Built-In Safeguards

Linda Gates, Alison Ricker, Mary Kirtz Van Nortwick, League of Women Voters

September 23, 2016

To the Editors: Ohio voters should not be concerned that their ballots will not be counted as the voter intended, because Ohio laws and procedures protect the integrity of the ballot. For the past 10 years, Ohio law has required that every ballot must have a paper record that can be hand-counted and audited. All votes are cast either on (a) an electronic touch-screen machine, such as those used in Lorain County, that has a visible paper record that the voter can check to assure that it records the vote as cast, and that can be hand-counted in a recount or audit, or (b) a paper ballot that can be scanned electronically or counted by hand. For more than six years, based on the settlement of a lawsuit by the League of...

Local News Bulletin

April 22, 2016

City to Design Stormwater Plan In order to abide by the regulations outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal Clean Water Act, Oberlin will improve infrastructure to prevent and reduce flooding and water pollution. The city is trying to determine how much property owners will have to pay for these improvements. The improvements, which would include upgrades to culverts, ditches and pipes, could cost the city an estimated $938,000 annually for the next five years. Lorain County Health Clinic Opens Lorain County Health and Dentistry opened April 5 with the goal of being as accessible as possible. The $3.2 million clinic, which benefits from the Affordable Care Act, claims to treat around 12,00...

Local News Bulletin

April 8, 2016

County to Hold 14th Prescription Drug Turn-in Day Lorain County will hold its 14th prescription drug turn-in day on Saturday, April 30 at 16 law enforcement offices throughout the county. Residents can go to dispose of medications that have either expired or that they no longer use. The program also helps keep the medications from polluting the water supply or being sold on the street. No personal information will be asked of those who dispose of the drugs. Raimondo to Replace Estes in Interim Meredith Raimondo will serve as the College’s interim vice president and dean of students. She is currently the special assistant to the president for equity, inclusion and diversity and the Title IX coordinator. She...

Local News Bulletin

February 19, 2016

Man Brings Paraphernalia to Court Oberlin man Arvis Townsend was arrested on Feb. 10 for bringing drug paraphernalia into the Elyria Municipal Court. He was stopped by an officer working at the court’s front metal detector, which sounded after Townsend passed through with a spoon, needles and a tourniquet. He was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and the items were turned over to the Elyria Police Department as evidence. Townsend currently faces a felony charge. He has previously been arrested on multiple drug charges, burglary and disorderly conduct by intoxication. Car Strikes Pedestrians in Hospital Parking Lot A driver struck four pedestrians in the Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain...

Local News Bulletin

February 12, 2016

New Markers at Westwood Cemetery The Friends of Westwood Cemetery is a community group that works to preserve the cemetery grounds, gravestones and stories tied to the historic site. In December, the group finished replacing old, worn signs that were making it difficult to find certain graves after receiving approval from City Council last year. The new signs have identifying letters on three sides. Through this and other community upkeep projects, the organization hopes to raise awareness about the cemetery and the role it has played in Oberlin’s history. Police Chief to Launch Community Liaison Program Chief of Police Juan Torres will provide liaisons to the Oberlin Early Childhood Center, Kendal at Oberl...

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