Preying Manti Win National Title

The Preying Manti, Oberlin’s women and trans Ultimate Frisbee team, won the 2019 national championship title in College Station, TX, with a 13–7 win over the No. 1-seeded Bates College on May 18. Oberlin overcame the odds, as they entered the game as the sixth overall seed. They returned to campus to a surprise celebration organized by the Flying Horsecows — the men’s team — and the Preying Manti’s B team.

“The Preying Manti symbolize Oberlin’s mission of learning and labor with a drive for social justice,” said Double-degree senior and captain Abby Cheng. “This team of Obies has strived this year for equal contribution from each player toward a united goal — winning nationals. It feels like a fairy tale, as if every moment for decades has led up to this win. We know that there is a community more immense than one can conceive of who has been rooting for us all along and that we are just a small representation of a community of champions.”