Stop Resisting Change

Sean Para, Columnist

People should stop resisting the healthcare law and other reforms. State governments around the nation have consistently opposed implementing the new law. States such as Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have either created opposition to the bill in their courts or declined to set up the mandatory health-insurance exchanges. Even after the Supreme Court upheld the bill, resistance remains. This is indicative of a larger trend to oppose the administration’s reform agenda that goes back to the beginning of the administration. The conservative opposition has become increasingly distanced from most of America’s goals, dreams and basic needs. The example used here, the Healthcare Reform Bill, is going to bring better medical coverage to many Americans and is evidently in the best interest of most of the country. Conservatives stand on the wrong side of environmental issues, financial regulation, military spending and a slew of other issues.

Why is it that the Republican establishment stands where it does on all these issues? It is because although these policies do not serve the best interest of most Americans, they do serve the select plutocratic elite that bankroll the Republicans. The party is dependant upon their support, and therefore must work to support them. However, they stand on the wrong side of the issues. They give false reasons for their policies, relying on words such as freedom, prosperity, patriotism and common sense to obscure their true intentions. There is no obvious way to expose their fallacy, to change the hearts and minds of the millions of Americans who are duped into voting for them each election cycle. Instead, to enact change we must slowly educate Americans. Public opinion cannot be reversed overnight. To really change the way people think, it will be necessary to show the efficacy of liberal policies over conservative ones. However, the truth is on our side. Liberal agendas are more effective at helping the majority of Americans, and as time goes on, this will become self-evident and popular opinion will be irrevocably swayed.