Community Healing More Important Now Than Ever

 Almost two years ago, in 2017, I wrote you pleading for Oberlin College to seek an out-of-court settlement with the Gibson family (“Gibson’s Links Black People to Anti-Semitism,” The Oberlin Review, Dec. 1, 2017). But nothing seemed to take place until it was announced in April that efforts had failed and that the case was going to trial this past May. It did, and the jury ruled in favor of the Gibson family.

Last week, I wrote again hoping that Oberlin College would appeal the local jury’s decision to award millions of dollars to the Gibson family (“College Should Respect Any Future Appeal Decision,” The Oberlin Review, Sept. 13, 2019). But after receiving more information, I urge the College to try to get the family to accept a lower amount, if only symbolically, of just one dollar less. I now know that the transcript of almost 4,000 pages could bolster either party’s position on appeal.

Regardless of the final outcome of this entire grueling and painful race, we must dash to embrace the opportunity to make all of Oberlin far greater than it has ever been. Even if we cannot easily forget, we must quickly forgive.