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College Should Respect Any Future Appeal Decision

Booker C. Peek, Emeritus Professor of Africana Studies

September 13, 2019

 Oberlin College should pay the Gibson family a lot more than the almost $25 million that the very fine Lorain County jury awarded if it is a fact that former President Marvin Krislov and Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo aided and abetted the student demonstrators to engage in activities intended to bankrupt the Gibson family because the Gibsons are racist. Oberlin College should appeal this verdict. Replays in sports give officials a chance to make sure they made the right call. When the action is shown 10 or 20 times slower from every possible angle, sometimes the original decision is left to stand, and sometimes it is reversed. No matter the final call, some remain unhappy, while others ar...

Gibson’s Case Trivializes Actual Racism

Nicholas Isherwood, OC ’81

September 6, 2019

Like many alumni, I have followed the legal battle concerning Gibson’s Food Mart & Bakery with interest and horror. Decades of Oberlin students have enjoyed Gibson’s tasty doughnuts and other treats, and have come to know the family. I am not at all surprised that the jury ruled in favor of Gibson’s. Both the experience of Oberlin students and the facts of the case indicate that Gibson’s is not a racist business. Simply put, the shoplifters were caught and when the police arrived, they were assaulting Mr. Gibson.  Polarized race relations at Oberlin are not a new phenomenon. When I was a student in the late 1970s, my political organization, The Moderate Caucus, circulated a petition opposing the creatio...

Jury Rules For Gibson’s, Assigns $44 Million in Damages

Jury Rules For Gibson’s, Assigns $44 Million in Damages

June 14, 2019

Editor's note: Due to the scope of national media attention, the Review took the extraordinary step of covering the Gibson's verdict outside of normal publication dates. Because of limited staff capacity, the Review does not moderate comments during the summer, and letters to the editors in response to any article will be reviewed for publication in the fall. Please direct any questions to [email protected] The Lorain County jury overseeing the trial between Gibson’s Bakery and Ob...

Gibson’s Lawsuit Will Go To Trial

Gibson’s Lawsuit Will Go To Trial

April 26, 2019

After 18 months of negotiation and discovery research, the lawsuit that Gibson’s Bakery and Food Mart brought against Oberlin College and Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo could go to trial early next month, unless a settlement is reached in the next week. Gibson’s filed the suit in November 2017, accusing the College and Raimondo of libel, slander, interference with business relationships, intentional interference with contracts, deceptive trade practices, intentional infliction of...

“Grape”’s Editorial Reflects Dogmatism, Outrage Politics of Oberlin Students

Jackson Zinn-Rowthorn, Contributing Writer

September 21, 2018

Oberlin students, I’m glad to say, have retreated a few steps in recent years from the sort of divisive, outrage-fueled politics that would routinely erupt into conflagrations of bad discourse and unsolvable conflict on campus. This paradigm of activism flourished under Obama, but it doesn’t play as well in the current political era. The 2016 election offered something of a reality check. Suddenly our righteousness didn’t look so noble; our dogmatism didn’t look so pure. We are a little more open-minded now, and a little less reactionary. The campus feels calmer and more welcoming. It’s been a gratifying transformation to watch. So, I was disheartened when last week The Grape chose to publish a flippant and br...

Court Denies Dismissal of Gibson’s Charges

Court Denies Dismissal of Gibson’s Charges

February 9, 2018

The College and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo responded to a November lawsuit brought by Gibson’s Bakery. In December, the College attempted to file a partial motion to dismiss some of the charges lodged, but were ultimately denied in court. The lawsuit emerged from a conflict between Gibson’s Bakery owners Allyn and David Gibson and three students in November 2016, after then-College sophomore Elijah Aladin was accused of shoplifting a bottle of wine from the bakery. This accusation res...

Gibson’s Boycott Denies Due Process

Roger Copeland, Emeritus Professor of Theater and Dance

September 8, 2017

To the Editors: In the Sept. 1, 2017 issue of The Oberlin Review, the paper’s Editorial Board lists a number of actions taken last year by the Krislov administration which “[paint] a picture of an untrustworthy, austere, and aloof bureaucracy” (“Ambar Provides Opportunity for Needed Change,” The Oberlin Review, Sept. 1, 2017). I agree with their choice of the word “untrustworthy.” But I strongly disagree with one of the reasons the editors cite for arriving at this adverse judgement. They criticize the administration’s decision to “[resume] business with Gibson’s Bakery after controversy that sparked massive student protests.” Ironically, just a few pages earlier in the same issue...

Grand Jury Produces Felony Charges in Gibson’s Case

Louis Krauss, News editor

May 5, 2017

The three students involved in November’s altercation at Gibson’s Bakery have received robbery felony charges in the aftermath of last Wednesday’s grand jury hearing. College sophomores Cecelia Whettstone and Endia Lawrence were originally charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly attacking Gibson’s employee Allyn Gibson, as he and College sophomore Elijah Aladin were involved in an initial altercation that spilled outside after Aladin allegedly attempted to shoplift two bottles of wine. However, all three students were charged with robbery after grand jury members concluded that evidence suggests Whettstone and Lawrence had prior knowledge that Aladin would attempt to steal from the store. “They are ch...

County Investigation Delays Gibson’s Trials

County Investigation Delays Gibson’s Trials

April 28, 2017

The trials for two students charged with assault in the aftermath of last November’s incident at Gibson’s Bakery have been pushed back to May 15 and could lead to additional charges following Wednesday’s grand jury hearing. College sophomores Cecelia Whettstone and En­dia Lawrence were originally given an April 17 pre­trial date for misdemeanor assault charges after al­legedly attacking store employee Allyn Gibson as he and College sophomore Elijah Aladin engaged in a physical altercation...

OSCA Cuts Business Ties with Gibson’s Bakery

OSCA Cuts Business Ties with Gibson’s Bakery

February 24, 2017

Oberlin Student Cooperative Association is exploring different responses to the College’s January decision to resume business with Gibson’s Bakery after protests erupt­ed following an altercation that led to the arrest of three College students in November. In budget preparations for spring 2017, OSCA decided to for­mally end business ties with Gibson’s by removing them from its charge list. Although the group did minimal business with the bakery, the deci­sion ends the running tab that...

College, Gibson’s Resume Business As Trials Ensue

Louis Krauss, News Editor

February 3, 2017

Following last semester’s arrest of College sophomore Elijah Aladin, which sparked intense protests in light of accusations of racial profiling, Aladin is once again facing felony charges and could be indicted by a Lorain County grand jury. Aladin was arrested Nov. 11 following an alleged shoplifting incident and was charged with robbery, a felony charge, when the situation escalated to a physical altercation between him and employee Allyn Gibson. In the most recent development, Aladin was expected to receive a misdemeanor charge for pleading guilty to shoplifting after both his lawyer and City Prosecutor Frank Carlson agreed to drop the felony charges as part of a diversion program. However, municipal court...

Community Clashes Over Gibson’s Protests

Community Clashes Over Gibson’s Protests

November 18, 2016

Following two days of intense student protest, nearby Ohioans and biker clubs filed into Oberlin Saturday morning to support Gibson’s Bakery. Approximately 80 leather jacket-clad bikers showed up in front of the store, upset that students declared a boycott on the longstanding family-owned grocery store in response to an alleged racial profiling incident involving Gibson’s employee Allyn Gibson and College sophomore Elijah Aladin last week. “Hell yeah, we were upset,” said one 45-year-old...

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