Reflecting On David Gibson’s Passing

 David Gibson, co-owner of Gibson’s Bakery, succumbed to pancreatic cancer last Saturday; he leaves behind a grieving and loving family of a wife, two children, and “Grandpa Gibson,” who is approaching 92, a special man still full of warmth, respect, and kindness — traits David himself embodied to the end. David’s sense of fairness, level-headedness, and endless search for the truth will be sorely missed. I join all who knew David in sending heartfelt condolences and prayers to his survivors as they mourn his passing.

David is in Heaven, a most secure place where there is nothing but peace; a garden with beautiful flowers; a majestic eternity in which all knowledge resides and all questions are answered correctly; souls are in full and complete agreement on every single policy and principle; a home where even thoughts create sounds so melodious as to surpass those produced by our finest orchestras. 

In Heaven, they know everything. Sadly, we know very little, even less when we think we know much. But God only asks that we do our best, as David did. May he rest in peace while waiting for our arrival.