1. A vampire’s favorite snack

6. An ethereal presence, plural

13. Cast away

15. The terrifying leading cause of skin cancer, 


16. Wrapped ghouls

17. Linking verb of the past to describe a state of being

19. The initials of a city that many horror movies have been filmed in. 

21. A ghostly scream inducer

22. More than enough

24. Area 51 inhabitant

26. Funeral flames

27. Hopeless gloom 

31. One of the most infamous colonizers (abbr.). 

32. All-knowing

34. Charm to ward off evil

37. What disgruntled teenagers throw at the houses of those they dislike, singular

38. Descartes’s revelation

40. The sound a black cat makes upon crossing your path

42. what you do when told, “Run away!”

43. The scary-good artist who sang “Jenny from the Block” 

45. An underground chamber

48. Snake-like

51. Source of teen angst

52. After trick or treating, time to ___ the candy

54. “Ready, _____, Fire!”

55. “_____ Diem”

56. Recently released horror film starring Octavia Spencer as an unhinged veterinary technician

57. A muscle in the torso + a smell 

60. Of or related to aircraft

61. Where horror protagonists should not go when they encounter a haunted house

62. Element that produces the eerie blue glow of tanning beds

63. Extremely

64. Greek letter used to represent wave functions in quantum mechanics

65. “Are we there _____?” A parent’s nightmare on road trips

66. The scream of a banshee

67. The contents of a messy drawer


1. A scene of uproar and confusion

2. Roman numerals for sixty

3. Hotly contested resource, contributing factor in several bloody wars

4. British interjection to get attention

5. Wicked spirits

7. Orange gourd carved for Halloween

8. The opposite of good 

9. Sneak

10. Delicious

11. Slang for “Hey!”

12. Float, Fly

14. Batman and Robin, Scooby and Shaggy, Holmes and Watson

17. Depressed

18. Not a sinner

20. Templeton of Stephen King’s 11/22/63

21. Tim Burton horror-comedy starring Michael Keaton

23. Swiss painter whose nightmarish artwork inspired the xenomorph of Alien

25. Needed to gain entrance to some adult Halloween parties

28. Snape’s specialty

29. Coffee time

30. A tombstone’s slogan

33. Grave concerns are put to rest here

35. Force that changes a werewolf

39. Acronym for master of entertainment at a party (disambiguation)

41. Devil worship, adjective

42. Where aliens may live

44. Green citrus 

46. Angel of death

47. Venomous snake 

49. When the Mystery Machine runs out of this fuel, the gang is stranded

50. Modern medical abbreviation for electroshock therapy

53. Not quite right…

58. Insect that sends people running

69. Synonym and slang for “no”

63. Repeat thrice for the devil’s number, Roman numerals

64. Unendingly intimidating number that shares its name with a favorite fall dessert