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Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Obies Answer Questions: Add, Drop, Overload!

Molly Chapin

This article has been edited for length and clarity.

It’s that time of year again… registration! Some people are scrambling to find a manageable Quantitative and Formal Reasoning credit, others are praying to get off the waitlist for their dream Creative Writing class, and everyone has that one friend they’re convinced is making up their class names. With so many awesome classes to choose from and only a few days left of add/drop, we asked Obies the question on everyone’s mind this registration season: add, drop, or overload?

College second-year Elijah Morton:

I would overload for Composition for Non-Majors. I’m in it right now and the professor is so good. It’s terrifying, but it’s really fun. It’s cool because, in the same way that you use a script to communicate your vision to actors, you can use composition to communicate with your players. Drop Econ — there are better ways to get the credit. Add Data Structures. I took it last year. If you’re a nerd, and you can find it interesting, then it’s very, very interesting.

Double-degree second-year George Rogers:

I would add Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology. It’s a very well-organized class and is really informative to anyone interested in exploring those kinds of career opportunities. I would overload my first-year seminar from last year, which was Telling Your Story in Performance. I wish I could take that again.

College second-year Jovita McIver:

Add Femme Fatales because everyone’s been raving about it and overload Somatic Meditation and Breathwork with [Associate Professor of Dance] Holly Handman-Lopez. 

College second-year Maya Levanon:

One of my favorite classes ever was my first-year seminar last year, which was called Telling Your Story in Performance. I’m pretty sure it’s not being offered anymore, but it was one of my favorite classes. It was just so fun and creative; you just had the opportunity to try so many things. So that’s my overload class. My add class would be the Oberlin Business Studios class I’m taking right now, although I’ve only had one class so I don’t know if it’s a fully informed decision. But it’s so fun. You work with real clients and it is a great experience. And then my drop class — I haven’t even had the class yet but I know it’s going to be Principles of Accounting.

College fourth-year Juju Gaspar:

Drop any science or math requirement. Add Introduction to Literary Translation. And overload Teaching Imaginative Writing, where you get to go to the schools. So any education class that involves dealing with children, overload.

College fourth-year Abby Cannon:

I think drop any math. I did Neuroscience. I’m okay with science, but drop any math course. Let’s add Literary Journalism or Nonfiction Workshop. I love those. Those are awesome. And overload for any Cinema Studies production course.

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