DeCafé Should Strive to Be Like OSCA

 Contrast the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association and DeCafé. Which one pumps more throwaway packaging into the world? Which one has employees whose positions could be cut to save the College money? Which one makes you stand in line and think about money every time you want another little bit of food? 

You’re in college — a college you applied to and got accepted to. You’re paying tuition. You’re paying for your dorms. The College wants you to feel nourished. So they should provide food in bulk, 24-hour access ways.

Skip the capitalist itemization. Skip the wasteful individualized packaging. Skip the materialist excesses of long-distance luxury items. Oh yeah, this will end up looking more like OSCA than DeCafé — a really nice OSCA. Maybe let each co-op take over providing one of each of the student favorites: chili, coffee, greens and root-veggie salad, granola and hot cereal, yogurt, et cetera, as determined by good old student voting. OSCA is not a cost to the College. Not being more OSCA-like is a cost to the College.

Not being more OSCA-like is driving the ecological crisis. You already know that — because you’re well-educated Oberlin students, staff, and faculty. Let your true colors shine.