Oberlin Community Should Appreciate Ambar’s Honesty

Last week, my son lost his job — through no fault of his own. New management told several workers that the company couldn’t afford to keep them. So after three weeks’ notice, my son is now applying for unemployment payments and looking for a new job. This heightens my sympathy for workers affected by President Carmen Twillie Ambar’s announcement.


These are difficult times for the College, which has a very real budget problem affecting all employee groups, although unequally. Given her decision to focus on the core mission of the school and to explore savings by reducing compensation for some unionized workers, President Ambar might have waited until after Commencement/Reunion Weekend to announce her plans. I’m sure she was tempted to at least wait until the completion of the spring admissions process. Instead, she moved ahead with an early, honest announcement. I’m glad that she is open to bids from companies with unions, should the College proceed with outsourcing work currently done by UAW union members. No matter your judgment on the wisdom of her decision this week, I hope you will join me in appreciation for her honesty.