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Hello Safety, Goodbye Security: An Unexpected Budget Cut

Madisyn Mettenburg, Production Editor

September 21, 2018

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Like any first-year reluctant to abandon the air-conditioned luxury of their home, Campus Safety — formerly known as Safety and Security — has certainly been dragging its feet on its move to Dascomb Hall. While no one quite knows when they will move into Fourth Meal’s decrepit shell, even less is known about its sudden rebranding. Why the switch from Safety and Security to merely Campus Safety? Is it because now, in the midst of a budget crisis, “security” is the latest tenant to be sacrificed at the deficit’s jeweled altar? And what acronym can we possibly revere now, with the snappy “S-’n’-S” struck down alongside it? Students living in South Hall have been some of the first to feel the effect...

Students Shouldn’t Bear All Cost of Incoming Financial Decisions

Duncan Reid, Contributing Writer

March 9, 2018

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After listening to President Ambar’s presentation and going over the notes, one thing kept repeating itself in my head: That just doesn’t add up. President Ambar mentioned that our tuition is similar to our peer institutions, and thus a 3 percent increase is reasonable. While our tuition is roughly similar, what students pay, including fees, is not. The average net price that Obies pay, including financial and merit aid, is around $45,000 per year, according to College Factual. The average net price per student at Oberlin’s peer institutions is far less — anywhere from $21,841 at Amherst to $32,763 at Kenyon. That doesn’t add up. A year ago, incoming first-years were told that they had to buy into a more expens...

Office of Disability Resources Vital to Community, Institution

Editorial Board

October 6, 2017

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As significant budget constraints threaten to jeopardize everyday aspects of campus life, the Oberlin community has rallied around the Office of Disability Resources — an office that a large number of students regularly depend on for support. Neglected over the course of the past few semesters, the ODR is a perfect example of the kind of resource that is so vital to Oberlin’s core values that members of our community must make sacrifices to keep it afloat. The departure of former Interim Director Isabella Moreno is — and should be — a wake-up call for students and administrators alike, as it represents the latest debacle in a history of inadequate service for those who need it. The ODR must be staffed to full stren...

Student Representation Imperative for Long-Term Change

Kameron Dunbar, Contributing Writer

September 22, 2017

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This article is part of the Review’s Student Senate column. In an effort to increase communication and transparency, Student Senators will provide personal perspectives on recent events on campus and in the community. “What does Student Senate even do?” is a question I am asked quite frequently. In short, we do a lot, but much of our work is behind the scenes. We appoint students to institutional committees and act as an official liaison between students and the general administration, among other responsibilities. We even feed students over fall break — a task the administration never took up as its responsibility. While most of our work is done outside of the spotlight, we’ve been engaged in a very public figh...

Students Must Advocate for Departments, Programs

Editorial Board

September 15, 2017

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In the throes of a budgetary crisis, it’s time for Oberlin students to rally behind their academic departments. With some tenure-track positions only temporarily replaced by visiting faculty, facilities set for understaffing, and the threat of more cuts in the future, it is vital that students voice which positions and programs matter to them. We have the ability to hold Oberlin accountable to its values by reinforcing what the College means to us, but we can only define our experience if we take the initiative to do so. Last September, the Review published the article “Program Cuts Leave Film Students With Questions,” (Sept. 16, 2016), concerning the woeful understaffing of the Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman C...

Oberlin Stands in Solidarity with University of Puerto Rico

Rita Perez-Padilla, Mobey Irizarry Lambright, Andrés González

May 5, 2017

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To the Editors: As students, faculty, staff and alumni of Oberlin College, we are writing to voice our support and solidarity with the striking students at the University of Puerto Rico and to express our grave concern with the proposed financial cuts to the UPR, the island’s only public university system, as well as the economic austerity measures imposed by the U.S.-appointed Fiscal Oversight and Management Board, created by the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act. The cuts to the UPR, which could be up to $512 million out of the university’s $833 million in public funds (a 62 percent cut), are part of a larger trend of austerity measures imposed by the FOMB that include a $4.25...

Student Senate Proposes Central Budgeting Committee

Student Senate Proposes Central Budgeting Committee

April 28, 2017

Student senators are drafting a proposal to establish a Central Budgeting Commit­tee, a standing group that would include and engage students, faculty and staff in the College’s budgeting decisions. Senate’s Financial Prioritization task force hopes to release the proposal this week to leverage student and faculty support before pre­senting it to senior administrators. Senate’s proposal calls for CBC mem­bers’ inclusion on all budgetary documents and information in accordance with a...

Administration Suspends Research Status

Administration Suspends Research Status

March 31, 2017

A budgetary move intended to save Oberlin money has indefinitely eliminated funding for the faculty Research Status program. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Tim Elgren and Dean of the Conservatory Andrea Kalyn announced the suspension in an email to faculty March 15, a decision they say could save the school approximately $600,000 annually. Research Status typically compensates five to ten College faculty and one to two Conservatory faculty for a full year of paid sabbatical leave with...

Rathskeller’s Future Unclear Under Financial Strains

Rathskeller’s Future Unclear Under Financial Strains

February 24, 2017

The Rathskeller's abrupt closure at the beginning of the semester threw Campus Dining Service workers, students and community members into confusion and uncertainty about the future of the space. Four CDS workers have been assigned to the Rathskeller space since last semester, but the circumstances of their current work expectations remain unclear. One of the workers, CDS grill cook, counter cook and cashier Matthew Kubach, wishes there had been more communication beforehand with workers. “We...

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

September 16, 2016

Budget Cuts Delay DeCafé’s Opening Time

Budget Cuts Delay DeCafé’s Opening Time

September 2, 2016

At 9:20 a.m. on Tuesday, Conservatory junior Kat Chavez tried to open the DeCafé door to buy some oatmeal. The door didn’t budge. She was shocked to find DeCafé now opens two hours later on weekdays than in past semesters. “I’m hungry,” Chavez said. “I just wanted some breakfast.” The change in hours may prove the first of budget cuts to come. The Finance Department has recently asked all divisions of the College to try to find savings wherever possible. “All divisions...

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