Politicians Need to Fix Healthcare Systems

Millions of Americans have to suffer through nightmares only to awaken and be tormented throughout the day because President Trump has a lawsuit and a Supreme Court primed to destroy the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

The president is not an evil, mean, or heartless person — nor is our congressman, Jim Jordan. They believe that they have a better plan. But where is their plan? Obamacare has been in existence for more than 10 years, and Trump has been president for almost four. Still, no better plan has been proposed in the richest, most advanced, and most welcoming country the world has ever known.

With time running out for him to offer something, the president rushed to sign an executive order protecting those with pre-existing conditions. But Americans cannot go to doctors and hospitals just with the president’s quote on a piece of paper and get treatment for cancer, heart trouble, etc.

How can any of us work, rest, or sleep when so many millions of our families, friends, and fellow citizens will have no healthcare if Trump has his way? Again, we are the most privileged country in the world. Let’s do better by choosing another president who — as a uniter, not a divider — will work cooperatively, sensibly, and humbly to protect America and the world.