Seven Activities for a Virtual Halloween



Social distancing this Halloween? Awesome! 

Here are some recommendations for virtual activities that you can enjoy with a few friends or on your own.


Among Us

1.  Play a spooky game like Among Us, an online multiplayer game that is sweeping the internet. The premise is simple: a crew is on a ship, but a few are secretly “imposters.” Crewmates must complete tasks to maintain command of the ship while trying to identify murderous imposters and avoid being killed themselves. Meanwhile, imposters must kill other players and sabotage the ship without raising suspicion. The game is addictive, spooky, and can be played for free on your smartphone.


Victoria Pedretti in The Haunting of Hill House. (Netflix)

2.  Watch The Haunting series on Netflix. The Haunting series consists of two separate TV shows with distinct plots — the newly released The Haunting of Bly Manor, and its 2018 predecessor The Haunting of Hill House. Both shows take a complex look at the way trauma can affect children and families, while simultaneously serving up intense supernatural thrills. Victoria Pedretti stars in both series, as tragic youngest sibling Nell Crain and steely au pair Dani Clayton, and her performance is a delight. For more thrills, Pedretti also starred in the second season of You as the subject of the protagonist’s twisted obsession.


3.  Fiction not your thing? Check out some real life horrors with a virtual haunted site tour. Visit Salem Witch trial sites, the Catacombs, Chernobyl, and more.


4. Accompanied by gothic effects and creepy music, takes you through multiple virtual haunted house experiences — completely free.


5.  Ever done the Scary Maze Game? Let’s revive this early 2010s fad, because why not?


6.  Curious about death? Check out Ask a Mortician on YouTube. Caitlin Doughty, Los Angeles based mortician has been running this channel since 2011.


7.  And finally, for surreal indie vibes, check out this playlist I made.


Happy Halloween, Obies! Stay safe but stay scared!