Pancakes, Bacon Mark the Start of the New Semester

At Monday’s Welcome Back Late Night Breakfast, students gathered around Stevenson Dining Hall to eat pancakes and reconnect with old friends. Administrators and staff members worked the Stevenson Dining Hall lines, handing out fruit, dishing up hashbrowns and bacon, and, of course, flipping pancakes. President Carmen Twillie Ambar herself took center stage as she chatted with students while serving them pancakes.

“[The late night breakfast was] so delicious, honestly,” said double- degree fourth-year Kenji Anderson. “I feel like it really energized me … for the semester, and I would really like to thank the president for hosting this.”

The event was predominantly attended by first-years who, having just completed their first day of college, unwinded while snacking on breakfast food.

“It was cute,” said College first-year Chloe Costa. “The hash browns are amazing — I have them every morning. The bacon I got was fresh out of the, whatever it comes out of — fire. I’m not a pancake girl, so I didn’t partake. But I’ve heard great reviews, and breakfast for dinner is always fun.”

After getting food from the dining hall, students gathered on the benches outside Stevenson Dining Hall to eat, because current ObieSafe regulations prohibit indoor dining. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, students still enjoyed catching up after their first day, eating breakfast, and listening to music with their friends.

“I thought the music was jumpin’!” College fourth-year Aesha Mokashi exclaimed.