Newcomer of the Year: Christina Marquette

The Review sat down with first-year basketball player Christina Marquette, who earned the North Coast Athletic Conference Newcomer of the Year award last week.

Quinn Hull, Sports Editor

On when she found out about winning the award: We’d just finished our post-season meetings with Coach [Kerry Jenkins], like our individual meetings. He called me and was, like, “Oh, you won this.” I was like “Yeah, I get to call my parents.”

On atoning for a disappointing final year of high school: I really love it here, but [coming out of high school] I really wanted to play D-I basketball, like, that was my dream growing up. But then ending up here, I really like it. It was like, “Oh, all that must have happened to put me here.” I felt like it was all coming together, and I was supposed to end up here, like D-I wasn’t really for me. I kind of ended up in a good spot, and then that award was really exciting.

On exceeding personal expectations, but wanting more: Individually, I was really excited for my performance and how I contributed to the team. But at the same time, I felt like I could have done better and that we all could have done better and had a better season.

[Junior] Allison Anderson — who I think is one of our best players, I don’t know if she’ll tell you that — got hurt after the second game of the season. And then [junior] Ellen [Neumann] was also out for half the season, so we were playing with seven people. It just felt like we just didn’t have enough bodies. I was really excited because I felt like we had everything, and we kind of showed that in the first two games. But it’s hard to lose anyone in a team of nine people; it just hurts.

On returning everyone for next season: It’s really exciting because we had all the pieces this year and it just didn’t happen. Now we’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of the way, all the energies out of the way.

On her nickname, Megatron: My coach thought I adjusted to basketball and social life and academics in college really well; so he thought I was a robot. It was flattering in the sense that he thought I was doing well. But I guess it wasn’t the best way to put it.

On whom she owes it all to: Well, I told my mom that if I ever got an award I would tell the person, if anybody ever asked, that I owe it all to my mom. So I owe it all to my mom.