Basement of Hales Home to Third-Year Studio Art Majors

Studio Art majors enrolled in Oberlin’s Advanced 2D Projects course are excited to have art-making spaces all to themselves in the basement of Hales Gymnasium. College third-years Clea Gunn and Martina Taylor show off the original work on their walls and the beautiful clutter that blankets their in-use workspaces. The walls of Taylor’s space, where all their pieces are pinned, show off their experimentation with textile art. Taylor’s pieces range from smaller explorations of colors and patterns to larger pieces focused on human facial expressions. One of Taylor’s pieces experiments with fashion garments, specifically cargo shorts decorated with the alphabet. A range of materials, from maps to hammers, can be seen throughout Taylor’s space, each important to their creative process. Gunn also uses a range of materials, such as fabric and ceramic, in their work — however, they focus mostly on print. Their pieces are also displayed on the walls. Both artists use vibrant colors, and the formerly blank walls come alive as each student makes the space their own.